Reindeer breeders began sorting deer in the republic

Spring coralization of deer was completed in the Olenek and Bulun districts and started in Eveno-Bytantaysky and Tomponsky districts.

According to the plan of technological measures, reindeer herding brigades calculate the number of livestock by age and gender groups, then prepare the herd for calving, vaccinate them and take blood for analysis. Also, during the coralization, they deer get chipped. Specialists note good deer wintering this year,” says Innokenty Balanov, Ministry of Agriculture employee.

According to him, the coralization should be completed by mid-April. In general, deer hibernation takes place in an operating mode. “There is information about the activation of wolves in Aldan, Olenek, Zhigansky and Eveno-Bytantaysky uluses. On the ground, work is underway to organize the fight against wolves. This is, first of all, the acquisition of traps, chemicals, the purchase and delivery of fuel and lubricants to the central estates of farms. Food and equipment for reindeer herders are also being imported,” says Innokenty Balanov.

It is noted that the total number of domestic reindeer in Yakutia is 145 thousand heads, this figure is 12,4 thousand less than last year. According to statistics, 106 reindeer husbandry enterprises work in the industry, employing more than 1,2 thousand people.