The19th 'Mirny Sings of Peace' International Youth Festival organized by the Mirny District, the City of Mirny, ALROSA and the Profalmaz Trade Union was a great success.

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This spring, the festival 'Mirny Sings of Peace' gathered the most famous guests over its history. This means one thing: incredibly useful workshops and unforgettable shows. All these days the young generation of the Diamond Capital really enjoyed life getting down in the tempo and course of this wonderful holiday of song and dance. The events held during the festival began on April 25. Up until April 30, concerts and vocal master classes were held at the Almaz Palace of Culture. In 2019, almost 200 applications were submitted for the competition, and more than 400 participants were registered. For the first time in the history of the festival, the jury of the All-Russian level evaluated the performances of the contestants.


“All the guests and the audience are pleasantly tired of that creativity outrush, but we want to feel this tiredness again and again. And the youth of the Mirny district had such an opportunity - it was a whole week that did not give the participants a moment's rest. The week that made them fly out of reality and plunge into this exciting wave of emotions and impressions; a week that they will remember for a lifetime," commented in the press center of the festival.

Singing Square

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For the first time Mirny hosted such a large-scale karaoke - a flash mob, which did not leave anyone indifferent. But it was best remembered by something different. By surprise. Musicians and presenters threw off huge balls of threads of different colors from the stage. Each color, as in the logo, symbolized the direction of the festival. The spectators who caught them threw the ball into the crowd, continuing to hold the thread. As a result, the "Singing Square" intertwined with dancing, humor, songs and other directions. Everyone felt the atmosphere of mutual connection and involvement, as it should be at this festival.

And who are the stars?


The festival began with the exhibition of the talented Spanish photographer Carlos Folgoso. His works are filled with great sense, which he skillfully conveys. The photographer presented the shots of the town of Mirny. These incredible pictures opened up another facet of the Diamond Capital. A wonderful exhibition and master class did not leave indifferent even those who are not at all keen on hotography. This day also hosted the international day of the short film In short, Musical Art (electronic music) master class, and Dance Art (Acrobatic rock and roll) open master workshop.

So, all musical direction was assessed by the founders of the famous Russian rock band Uma2rman - Vladimir and Sergey Kristovsky! Andrian Melnikov, an expert in the field of art, restaurateur and curator of the project Center for the Arts, Moscow, where the works of famous artists such as Aivazovsky, Nesterov, Shishkin are exhibited to the general public, will evaluate the direction of the visual arts!

Who else? Evgeny Selyankin is a young artist from Samara, mastering many styles of modern art (Tape-art, Pop-art, Street-art, Body-art, etc.) Evgeny is a participant in Russian exhibitions, winner of the Russian ARTWEEK contemporary art international competition, organizer of rock concerts, founder of Flash of Beauty creative studio, a TV presenter and inspirer of numerous creative projects.

Sergey Orlov is a stand-up comedian, originally from Yakutsk. At first performed in his hometown with comedy shows. There, Sergey posted his solo concert on the network, when almost no one had ever had them. It was too cool for the province, and, which is quite natural, Sergey went to conquer the capital of our country, which he successfully did. He is the organizer of the North StandUp Club. The 'Best Solo Concert' winner of the 'Punchline' Stand-Up Festival in 2018. Sergey is one of the few comedians who performed with his jokes on Channel One in Vecherny Urgant (popular evening TV show – translator’s note). And one could see him in the online projects of the Moscow Stand Up Club №1 on YouTube.

The ‘Musical Art’ direction was represented by the cover band Mojo and Eugene Rudin (DJ Groove). These were the most famous guests of the festival, but actually there were more of them.

Professionals who arrived in Mirny from the capital of Russia - Moscow, Abdurakhman Sotavov aka Aduh and Sultanbek Nyrov aka Fastfoot from the famous Predatorz Crew breakdance team showed an explosive choreography that Mirny will remember for a long time. And, of course, an acrobatic rock-and-roll was presented at the festival by well-known masters of sports in acrobatic rock-and-roll Ivan Yudin and Olga Sbitneva. It is not for the first year that ALROSA invites award-winning athletes to Polar towns - Udachny, Aikhal and Mirny - as part of the CHEER festival, and last week, thanks to the Company, the sport dance stars visited Yakutsk.

Thus, along with concert performances, master classes and meetings with creative people were held. And, of course, the notorious underground guitarists, bards, and admirers of popular music trends organically fitted into the festival program. The ‘Mirny Sings of Peace’ youth festival has brought its contribution to the cohesion of youth subcultures, the manifestation of talent, the growth of the cultural and spiritual potential of the Diamond capital.

opening fest


social media workshop


Special thanks to the general partner - ALROSA (the Company allocated 2 million rubles for the festival), partners of the festival: individual entrepreneurs Anastasia Panova, Diana Dokuchaeva, Aleksandr Sigaenko, Maria Trushevskaya, Vladimir Shipulin, Galina Kuchinskaya, Viktor Niza, Tatiana Ovchinnikova, Stroitel LLC, MPTI (branch) of NEFU.