North-Eastern Federal University hosted a meeting with the film crew of The Secret of Genghis Khan in anticipation of the 6th Yakutsk International Film Festival

Northeastern Federal University held a meeting of graduate students from the Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies with the crew of the historical film The Secret of Genghis Khan, released in 2009. The motion picture produced by Sakhafilm was the first full-scale project in the Yakut cinema. The film was a joint production of Russia, Mongolia, the United States and other countries.

“This film stands at the origins of the Yakut cinema. It has an important symbolic meaning. So I decided that it will be interesting and important for modern youth to meet with the creators of this film, especially for graduate students of our institute in the field of “Cinema and Literature of the Circumpolar World,” says Alina Nakhodkina, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, Translation Department.

The film tells about a man known worldwide. A warrior who took up arms to ensure peace and quiet for his family, his people, his country. The Great Khan, who gathered different tribes and peoples under the banner of a single empire, under the rule of a single law. A ruler whose empire extended from the Yellow Sea to the Mediterranean.

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The film is based on the work of the famous Yakut writer Nikolai Luginov At the behest of Genghis Khan, directed by People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, USSR State Prize laureate Andrei Borisov. The producer of the film is Vladimir Ivanov.

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Despite the fact that the film did not have international recognition, it was a very successful project at the international level and participated in many famous film festivals.

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“Thanks to this film and its release into international distribution and participation in Cannes and Montreal film festivals, as well as other international competitions, we showed that there is Siberia, there is Yakutia, and film industry experts began to talk and write about us,” shares Vladimir Ivanov.