In the coldest inhabited place on Earth, in the village of Tomtor of the Oymyakonsky ulus, one of the region’s key tourist events, the Pole of Cold Festival, is held annually.

This year's festival will be held March 26 - 30. Festival events are designed to reveal the beauty of the ancient culture of Yakutia.

This year, guests and participants of the festival will enjoy many spectacular events and entertainments. “The Pole of Cold Festival” is a real national holiday, a mixture of Yakut and Even cultures in their original form. The festival program will offer you to learn all about the life and culture of local residents: national costumes, traditions, songs, dances, and traditions. Also, festival guests can enjoy the beauty of a winter fairy tale and the charm of local nature,” says the Minister of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Tourism of Yakutia, Irina Vysokikh.

One of the novelties and key events of this year's festival will be the tourist auto-quest “Journey to the Pole of Cold.” It will be an incredible experience from a mixture of adventure along the route, new acquaintances and overcoming your own fears in the quest format.

Since 2011, the Pole of Cold has been visited by tourists from more than 70 countries, as well as film crews of Russian and foreign channels, fans of extreme sports who want to set world records.