The Vostokoved International Language Center, with the support of the Education Department of the city of Yakutsk, for the first time holds Oriental and English languages Competition for students of institutions of general and further education, YSIA reports.

The competition will be held on March 28 and 29 in SMART 2.0.3. Library and will include two areas:

- Oriental languages (Korean, Chinese, Japanese);

- English.

Tasks for the eastern direction are based on international exams (JLPT, HSK, TOPIC), which will allow participants not only to assess their knowledge, but also get acquainted with the format of international exams. Also, this direction provides oral presentations of participants, which will be evaluated by native speakers and qualified specialists in Oriental languages.

The direction of the English competition will be held not in the traditional written format, but in a debate format, where participants will be able to demonstrate their skills in speaking English, as well as the ability to speak in public and argue their point of view. The expert commission will include representatives of various government agencies and university professors.

The participant can choose only one direction of the competition. Learn about the conditions of participation, online registration and the amount of the registration fee on the website:

Partners of the Olympics are: the Ministry for External Relations and Ethnic Affairs of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), the ‘Northern Forum’ International Non-Governmental Organization, Department of Oriental Languages, NEFU Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies, Regional Branch of the Russia-Japan Society, Centralized Library System of the City of Yakutsk, LLC LG International Yakutsk, Public organization of RS (Y) “Intersfera” Association for the Promotion and Consolidation of Public Diplomacy, Alexey Illarionov IT School, 'Japan Secrets Tokyo' Japanese goods stores chain, ‘Coffee Like’ coffee-bar network, ‘Red Suitcase’ Family travel agency.