“New action algorithms have been received for all services and systems of our republic, which, first of all, relate to disinfection. A meeting of the emergency response team was held on Friday, which discussed the possibility of disinfection measures, including in public places,” she said.

In addition, in order to control infection, management companies have been tasked with disinfecting the entrances.

The excess of the epidemic threshold for influenza and ARVI is 11 percent for all age groups. More often children from 3 to 6 years are taken ill. No severe forms of a disease have been recorded, Elena Borisova said.

The number of people with signs of ARVI after arriving from Southeast Asia remains the same - 22 people. All tests are negative. All discharged home.

In Yakutsk, 17 people are under medical supervision. Of these, four are discharged today, taking into account the term of isolation.