The premiere of the Monster Frozen documentary was to take place on February 28 in Padua (Italy), which was shot by the team of Italian extreme runner Paolo Venturini.

Recall that in January last year, Paolo Venturini ran more than 39 kilometers from Tomtor to Oymyakon in a 52-degree frost. He overcame this distance in 3 hours 54 minutes. During the race, Venturini was accompanied by a film crew.

The film tells about the preparation of an athlete for an extreme marathon and about the test itself. The Italian was preparing for the race for a year and a half. During training, his health condition was closely monitored by doctors. They also accompanied him during the race in Yakutia.

Unfortunately, due to the situation with the spread of coronavirus in Italy, the premiere of the film was postponed indefinitely. According to the latest data, the number of coronavirus victims in the country has reached 10, the number of cases of infection is 322.

“Due to the regional decree providing for the closure of all cinemas for the prevention of coronavirus, I regret to announce the cancellation of the premiere,” the extreme runner said on social media.