The agreement is dedicated to the joint elaboration of industrial safety issues, including the creation and implementation of remote control mechanisms for federal state supervision in the field of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities, as well as other types of control and supervision related to the competence of Rostechnadzor.

The document also reflects such areas of work as assessment, monitoring and risk management in the operation of facilities, improvement of management systems in the field of safe operations and much more.

The document was signed by the Director General of ALROSA, Sergey Ivanov, and the head of Rostekcnadzor, Aleksey Alyoshin.

“We plan to unite efforts to form effective mechanisms for ensuring industrial safety at industrial facilities in the mining sector. For ALROSA, this step is of fundamental importance, since our Company pays close attention to the issue of production risk reduction, protecting personnel and the environment. In the framework of cooperation, we are planning, among other things, to take part in the development of the relevant federal norms and rules,” said Sergey Ivanov, ALROSA General Director.

“The transition to a remote system will allow to self-control and to assess the situation at the place of production. In addition, communication with inspectors will be reduced, who will appear only when necessary,” said Aleksey Alyoshin, the head of Rostechnadzor. “Today, in addition to the agreement with ALROSA, we also signed a specific action plan until the end of the year. It is very important that major companies are ready for long-term cooperation in order to improve the mechanisms of state supervision in their enterprises.”