“Future Skills: NEFU” International Center for the Development of Advanced Competencies developers created equipment for working in the cold, or a prototype of a space suit, the university press service reports.

Director of the center Roman Gogolev notes that the suit is perfect for Yakutia’s climate.

“Our equipment has an exoskeleton attached, which we plan to implement as soon as our international center has a high-tech manufacturing cluster. When creating a digital version of the costume, we used established technologies, as well as our own. The exoskeleton and further modifications require investment. We made this sample with a zero budget,” he says.

During the development of the suit, the real case of student training and the Experimental Design Bureau functionality was performed: from the idea to the prototype, the Director stresses.

“The project was tested. It’s completely autonomous and energy-efficient. In the future, we will have to work out the ergonomics and aesthetic aspect, since we also specialize in industrial design. We see this in the Industrial Internet of Things and the presence of digital counterparts linked to our exoskeleton,” he says.

NEFU rector Anatoly Nikolaev notes that a manufacturing cluster in the center will create new opportunities in mechanical engineering and advanced design competencies.

"The center is not so much an educational as an engineering project. They are engaged in real digital production, including industrial developments that may appear in the next five to ten years," the rector says.