The Cold Conquerors test expedition, which studied areas with the lowest temperatures in the North of Yakutia, recorded minimum temperature in Yakutia in January. According to preliminary data, it was -54ºC. The expedition leader Vyacheslav Ipatiev reported this to TASS on Wednesday.

Two groups of researchers, journalists, and bloggers have been indicating extremely low temperatures in Verkhoyansky and Oymyakonsky districts since January 12.

“According to preliminary data, average January temperatures are lower in Oymyakonsky district. The lowest temperature was recorded in Oymyakon, which was -54ºC. It matches the data from the nearest weather station. In Verkhoyansky district, we recorded -50.5ºC,” Ipatiev says.

He says that this data is preliminary and will be checked by the regional hydrometeorological service. The final results will be announced at a press conference at the Russian Geographical Society in Moscow on January 29. The best routes will be built on the first experience. “The thing is that a route portion passes through winter roads – frozen rivers and lakes with ice-free areas. Logistics is very complex, and we will adjust it next year,” the expedition leader says.

The next stage of the expedition is in 2021 and will last three weeks. “We’ll have to rethink how we measure temperature. Digital devices weren’t very reliable. Most likely, we will replace them with standard alcohol thermometers,” Ipatiev says.

Cold Conquerors is an experiment with the participation of volunteers supported by the head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev. The authorities expect that the expedition will become an annual event and will help promote the tourism potential of Yakutia as the coldest inhabited place in the world. The expedition will define the coldest inhabited places on Earth, which will add to the official meteorological data.