Yakutsk is considering several options for building an experimental dome in public spaces, the Press Service of the town administration reports.

According to Yakutsk’s chief landscape architect Maximilian Luginov, very different locations including squares and parks were considered for the dome construction. Today, the Department of Architecture and Urban Policy of the Administration of Yakutsk is considering the following options: a square near Moskovsky mall and the park.

“It will be a lightweight spherical structure up to 50 meters. Scientifically, it will show how the microclimate behaves at negative temperatures with people inside,” says Maximilian Luginov.

He adds that the citizens will choose the dome’s location by voting online.

A five-ton dome was previously built around one-story house with a garage. The idea of an experimental dome belongs to the Sinet group of companies. Sinet launched the pilot project with M. K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University scientists last December.

A family of volunteers currently lives in the dome house as part of the experiment. The project initiators expect to get data on the possibility of using dome structures for various buildings and engineering objects in harsh climate.