The first Cold Conquerors expedition will have bloggers Pavel Matveev, Ilia Voskresensky, a travel show host Natalia Belyakova, and a Vokrug Sveta correspondent Konstantin Chalabov. They will travel to the North of the Republic on January 12.

The project’s main idea is to find new places with record-breaking low temperatures in Yakutia. The project leader and author Vyacheslav Ipatiev told this at a press conference on January 11.

“Everyone knows that the two poles of cold, Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk, argue over one-tenth of a degree. First, -67.8ºC was recorded in Verkhoyansk. Then -67.7ºC was recorded in Oymyakon. The difference is only one-tenth of a degree. When I brought German tourists to Oymyakon in 1999, they decided to measure the temperature at 6AM in different locations using digital thermometers. We were very surprised to find out the temperatures differed by three degrees. And there are two districts arguing over one-tenth of a degree. So, I had an idea: what if the temperature isn’t so low only in Oymyakon and Verkhoyansk? Maybe 50-100 kilometers away there are places with even lower temperatures,” says Vyacheslav Ipatiev.

The expedition members will go to Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon districts for two weeks. They will stay in Burustakh of Oymyakon district and by the Ken-Yuryakh river in Verkhoyansk district. According to Ipatiev, the nearest weather stations are located more than 200 km from these places. Satellite maps show that a record-breaking low temperature may be recorded there. The bloggers will measure the air temperature simultaneously with the same devices using the same method.

According to Ipatiev, this is a test expedition. A full-fledged international expedition will be organized in 2021. Such expeditions will be annual. The members will receive “Cold Conqueror” titles – people who recorded the lowest temperature of the year.