2019 was a year full of football events for young football players of the ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex and their coaches. Without doubt, the main event was the victory in Futsal Championship of Russia in Spassk-Dalny among athletes born in 2002 (in Far East).

Futsal Championship of Russia is one of the most important competitions in the Far East. Before that, the battles of amateur teams were held in Ussuriysk for several years. This time it was Spassk-Dalny that became the center of attraction for the best teams from all over the region. Five champion teams participated in the competition. These are the winners of the Primorsky Territory, ALROSA team, the Jewish Autonomous Area and the Khabarovsk Territory champions and the hosts of the championship – Spassk-Dalny team. Mirny team played four official games, won three and finished one in a draw. They scored 19 goals and missed 7. However, that did not affect the final results – ALROSA CSC team won the champonship and the right to represent the entire Far East in the final which will be held in March 2020 in Nizhny Novgorod.

Also, the ALROSA team won some Republican competitions. Young football players took part in the Cup and the Championship of Yakutia in futsal. At the same time, four members of the club qualified for the Children of Asia ISG: Sergey Efimov, Danil Karimov, Denis Kaiser and Vladislav Belomestnov. The honored coach of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and High Achiever of Physical Culture of the Russian Federation Andrey Kulagin trains the future football stars. He says that ALROSA CSC students made a real sporting feat and a wonderful gift to Mirny residents by winning in the Championship of Russia.

Тренер Кулагин А

Andrey Kulagin: “We needed lasting success”

"We were not chasing fast results. We needed lasting success. And now we got the result we wanted. This was our first victory at such high level. I think that all CSC students will lead from this result, and they will also try to make our city and our Republic famous. The kids did a good job and we always felt the support of the Cultural and Sports Complex. As a coach, I want to note that ALROSA supports the development of children's sports and trips to competitions outside the district and Yakutia. Even our youngest football players, boys born in 2008, traveled to competitions twice this year: the all-Russian tournament in Kazan and the Republican competition in Yakutsk. This is not only an experience for them, but also motivation," says Andrey Kulagin.

We can say that 2019 can be a starting and a turning point in the development of children's football in Mirny district. Step by step, CSC is moving confidently in the chosen direction. Children's, corporate and mass football have developed in football club. The age category has expanded in children groups – it is from 5 to 17 years now.


As a team sport, football develops camaraderie and team spirit.

It is very important for the development of personal qualities, such as teamwork skills, commitment and responsibility. Just a couple of hours a week spent playing football can significantly improve your health. CSC has serious plans to create a school and pre-school football league and a goalkeeping school.

Motrena Skryabina: “We are proud of our students”

"We raise future champions here. We have all the conditions for that: modernly equipped sports complexes and stadiums. Accessible sport inspires people to play sports and gives an opportunity to get new skills and emotions. Mass events increase the number of people who play sports systematically. Our main goal is to develop and promote football. We have a wide range of sports festivals. For example, the CHEER festival. For several days, both children and adults attend famous athletes’ free master classes. We invite famous coaches to give open lessons. It is gratifying that the veteran’s football has also received support. We annually hold tournament in memory of Sergey Kudrin, the captain of Almaz team, for veteran teams. Internal corporate competitions also play an important role in the development of mass sports. We are proud of our students," says Motrena Skryabina, the head of ALROSA CSC.

The main results of 2019 football season will be summed up at the traditional gala night which will be held in December in Mirny. Now we can talk about the best players of ALROSA CSC football club.

Syimyk Sulaimanov: “Best forward”

Syimyk is only 17 years old, but the he is ready for adult football. He scored many important goals and passes. Syimyk is the “powerhouse” of the team. He is 2018 and 2019 best player of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), multiple champion of Yakutia, champion of the Far East and winner of the Cups of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Pavel Stepanov: “Best shooter”

Pavel is 16 years old. He plays on prong of attack and has a great scoring flair. He scored more than 30 goals during the season. He is the “dagger” of the team. He is 2016 and 2018 best shooter of Yakutia, multiple champion of Yakutia, champion of the Far East and winner of the Cups of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Alexey Suraev: “Best defender”

The team captain is 16 years old. He is a well-rounded and powerful defender with an outstanding technique. He has a strong shot and an excellent pass. He has a good vision of the field. Alexey is the “brain” of the team. He is 2017 and 2019 best defender of Yakutia, 2016 and 2018 best player of Yakutia, multiple champion of Yakutia, champion of the Far East and winner of the Cups of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Sergey Berdnikov: “Best goalkeeper”

A good goalkeeper makes half of the team. To become one, you need to work very hard, though. Sergey is 16 years old. He has been playing football since he was 8. He is 2018 and 2019 best goalkeeper of Yakutia, multiple champion of Yakutia, champion of the Far East and winner of the Cups of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Maxim Ivanov: “Best football player”

Maxim is 17 years old. He is considered to be one of the most stable and mobile players. Maxim played for his team for the first time at the age of 12. In 2018-2019, he participated in 60 events. Over the past 5 years, he has not missed a single competition. He is in the main team. He plays smoothly and reliably. His goals and passes brought victory to the Mirny team repeatedly. Maxim is the “wall” and “core player” of the team. He is a multiple champion of Yakutia, champion of the Far East and winner of the Cups of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

There are new games, new tournaments and new leagues ahead. The coaches hope that Mirny district will be represented well and will show bright and spectacular football. Young players, in turn, thank ALROSA for financial support and developing football and sports in Mirny district.

Yes to football: that is the result of this season. There is a growing generation of passionate football players who are ready to train day and night. Today, 500 children play football in the Mirny district. Only in Mirny there are about 300 of them. ALROSA is ready to support young players. Therefore, they will succeed.

Photos by Grigory Iftody