‘ is important not to be late for training session. It indicates your attitude towards training and life...’ educates his athletes Ivan Ustinov, track and field coach of ALROSA CSC.

The conversation with the coach made clear that he prioritizes instilling a sense of responsibility in children. He does not like when young athletes cheat or laze away. So, it is simple: if you want results and work on yourself, train systematically.

Track and field includes walking, running, jumping (long jump, high jump, triple jump and pole vault), throwing (discus, javelin, hammer and shot put) and combined events. It seems like the simplest and most common sport, since running and walking are natural and vital activities.

ALROSA Cultural and Sports Complex started developing track and field in 2006. Officially, there was no coach until this year, since there was no staffing position. The first coach Alexander Kolomeets brought up Svetlana Rogozina and Kristina Ezhak, the champions of the Children of Asia International Sports Games. Svetlana became the champion of Russia in 800m in 2014.

Since 2013, the students of the department started showing results at national competitions. As a result, two students were included in the national team of the Republic in 2016 for the 6th Children of Asia ISG. Konstantin Prokhorov (coach Svetlana Vdovina) took 4 and 6 places at 800m and 1500m, Andrey Nureev (coach Ivan Ustinov) took 12 and 22 places at the 400m and 200m.

In 2016-2017, Ilona Yurchenko became the champion of the Republic in 60m and 200m and Diana Shcherbach won 60m and long jump.

In recent years, the first champion of the department at the Far Eastern Federal District is Diana Shcherbach, who repeated her success in long jump in 2017. In 2018, Ilona Yurchenko became a two-time champion, but in 60m and 200m.

The same year, Bogdan Nazarchuk (first coach A. Soldatkin) became the champion of the Far East and Master of Sports of Russia in 60m. In 2018, the athlete was 9th in 60m, entering the top 10 of the best sprinters of Russia.

Ivan Ustinov has been training CSC athletes since 2011. He told everything about his favorite sport.


Why do children choose track and field?

Track and field is a basic sport. After it, you can go to any other sport where you have to run, jump, be fast and hardy. This is what I tell both children and parents – start with track and field, and if you do not like it, you can choose something else. Track and field isn’t called the “Queen of sports” for nothing.

Football, basketball, hockey, short track and figure skating are very close to athletics. I try not to put pressure on children to stay, but I work closely with those who have already achieved a lot, and with their parents, too. Sometimes children are tired and think that they have lost their love for track and field, but it passes.

What did your students achieve in 2019?

2019 saw the participation of young students at the most prestigious competition in 4 years – Sports Games of the Peoples of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Two of our students won silver medals for Mirny team for the first time: Ilona Yurchenko in 200m and Yuna Marova in 800m.

We also participated in two Championships of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in track and field. Ilona Yurchenko, Diana Shcherbach, Sergey Manekin, Matvey Tomashuk, Yuna Marova and Alina Nikitina won medals there. Also, a lot of very young pupils won medals at national tournaments. We will hear their names many times in future.

The important point here is: even if they won this year, then next year they may not even make it to the competition. Every year and age matters, and sometimes children compete with those who are older and more experienced.

Of course, there are always competitions in Yakutsk, but we don’t have an opportunity to go every time. We analyze, study and keep scoresheets in order to understand who can perform better when we send them to Yakutsk or the far Eastern Federal District.

The districts near Yakutsk have more sports experience, but we are not complaining.

Since 2013, the Republic has known that the track and field is the “Queen of sports” in Mirnyand is being promoted there. ALROSA CSC supplies the junior team of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) with athletes in different disciplines of track and field: Diana Shcherbach, Alina Nikitina (jumping), Ilona Yurchenko, Sergey Manekin (sprint), Yuna Marova and Matvey Tomashuk (middle-distance running). These children are students of the track and field department of the 60th Anniversary of Victory sports complex of CSC and members of the national team of Yakutia.

How important is consistency in training?

It’s like every time after a break, the athlete starts from scratch. Track and field is a cyclical sport. If you do not practice regularly, it is impossible to show good results.

Can someone be in track and field club if they don’t strive for results?

Of course, we have a recreational running group. You can't compare a prepared person to someone who just started. If the children are persistent, they begin to participate in races. But it’s easier for both to get used to PE at school.

From my experience, I know that those who have missed physical education in school have either health or academic troubles, if PE is taken seriously in their university. Educational institutions like students that are good at sports. If they participate in competitions, they are promoted in their studies.

Do adults do track and field at ALROSA?

Yes, in a recreational running group. This year I also train the team of ALROSA that won the Spartakiad of labor collectives in Yakutsk. Not being professional athletes, they showed excellent results. We decided to train them systematically, so that there is someone to protect the honor of ALROSA among adults.

What are your plans for 2020?

Children of Asia International Sports Games. We plan to continue Diamond Run, a mass recreational race, which was attended by about 1000 people over the summer in Mirny and Yakutsk.

Q&A with the students

Yuna Marova

Юна Марова

Why did you choose track and field?

In the second grade, I started winning races. I continued winning until the 4th grade, when I realized that it is my thing.

Favorite activity other than track and field?

I like travelling and I also swim.

Your biggest dream?

To become a track and field champion.

Ilona Yurchenko


Why did you choose track and field?

Boris Zenkin, my PE teacher, included me in my school team in the track and field competition. I liked running, so I decided to sign up.

Favorite activity other than track and field?


Your biggest dream?

To become the Master of Sports of Russia.

Matvey Tomashuk

Тамашук Матвей

Why did you choose track and field?

Because this sport is very diverse and develops different muscles.

Favorite activity other than track and field?


Your biggest dream?

To become an Olympic champion.

Alina Nikitina

Алина Никитина

Why did you choose track and field?

Galina Yurchenko, Ilona's mother, made me join track and field club.

Favorite activity other than track and field?

I play guitar in my free time.

Your biggest dream?

To become the Master of Sports of Russia.