Almazy Anabara, ALROSA’s subsidiary company, presented Toko Sahylchan (Toko the Little Fox), animated series in the Yakut language. The cartoon is for children from 2 to 5 years. 12 creative groups and animators of Yakutia responded to Almazy Anabara and started working on the project in March 2019.

‘The first stage of the selection took place in three kindergartens of Yakutsk. Three finalists were selected based on the results of more than 100 children's vote. After the trial animation stage, the fox’s sketch was finally approved. It was created by Sofron Varlamov, an aspiring artist and a talented student of the Yakutsk College of Technology and Design. The cartoon is unique in many ways. It is 100% made in Yakutia. We managed to create a team of 14 enthusiasts. The music was written by singer Ulya Li-fu (Kyunney). It is interesting that Ulya came up with the music while singing a lullaby to her little daughter. The cartoon will be released one episode at a time. The first episode is already on YouTube, you can watch it by clicking this link: We would also be happy if TV channels promoted this project. Working on such a touching and important thing united many creative people of Yakutsk. We are happy with such ideas and will continue with this focus,’ says Victor Kolesov, the spokesperson of Almazy Anabara JSC.

According to the cartoon’s creators, its main goal is to teach children the Yakut language in the current context and family values by showing simple life situations.

Vilyuyana Nikitina, the President of Tuymaada Union of Parents, contributed to the project. The script was written by Sitim Mediagroup’s employees: Alexander Tarasov, Anna Zakharova, Vera Petrova and Matrena Mandarova. The characters were voiced by Aiyna Fedorova (Toko), Lyudmila Habarova (Teke, Toko’s sister), Lilia Terenteva (Toko’s mum) and Semyon Burnashev (Toko’s dad). It should be noted that this is the second joint project of ALROSA’s subsidiary and VGTRK. So, the voices were recorded in the branch of Sakha VGTRK-GTRK, same as Tales of the peoples of the North (audiobook created in 2018). Timofey Tatarinov was a sound engineer for both of the projects.

Earlier, Almazy Anabara was engaged in other cultural projects. So, in 2018, the company released Tales of the peoples of the North, a unique book which includes the Northern legends. This year, the employees of the mining enterprise continued working hard. Together with some enthusiasts, they collected 34 fairy tales in 6 languages (Yakut, Russian, Dolgan, Evenki, Yukagir and Evenk). Each fairy tale was recorded in one of these languages and subtitled in Russian.

‘This year, in cooperation with the Faculty of Philology, NEFU, actors of the Russian Drama Theatre and theatre and literature club of the National Library of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) members, we have recorded unique Russian tales. It’s the folklore of the Novgorod settlers’ descendants, whose ancestors arrived and settled in the territory of Allaikhovsky ulus (district), in the upper reaches of the Indigirka river in the 16th century. 6 of these unique tales were recorded in Sakha GTRK this summer. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that last year, within Tales of the peoples of the North project, we illustrated many characters of fairy tales, epics and legends of small and indigenous peoples of the North for the first time. We will continue, but this year we also started translating Ebekhchei Bergen, Yakut Olonkho, into Russian. I believe that working on the preservation of national cultures, as well as teaching children of Yakutia are great opportunities to contribute to the spiritual development of the Republic. We will continue working for this good cause!’ says Pavel Marinychev, the CEO of Almazy Anabara JSC.

The updated version of Tales of the peoples of the North, available for listening, reading and downloading will be posted on Almazy Anabara’s website ( in early 2020.