In the village of Usun-Kyuel, Ust-Aldan district, the Argys (Sputnik) Leisure Center was built thanks to donations from ALROSA to the Future Generations Fund of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Since 2010, residents of the village began to actively bring up an issue of the need for a new community club building at various levels. And in April 2017, thanks to the Future Generations Fund and the ALROSA Company, which allocated more than 32 million rubles, construction has begun.

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The contractor was SIA-Alliance LLC. The builders built a new club of 529 square meters from the sandwich panels during the year. The building is bright and warm, the floors are tiled, all the furniture is new, computer monitors flicker in the offices.

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The club opened its doors on August 29, 2018. Since then, much has been done for cultural life. A series of activities has been carried out, and groups for amateur performances have received a new and spacious space. In addition to sections and clubs, it is planned to shoot a documentary film, the club unites the younger generation and the elderly.

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This is to a large extent the merit of “chief in culture” Innokenty Borisov, the head of the center, who has been working in this direction since 2012:

We had a very old club built in 1962, it was only 250 square meters. Small and cold club, it was quite difficult to work. We have concluded a contract with the Future Generations Fund to build a club. The club has of a hall with 120 seats, a stage, two bathrooms, a dressing room, and director's office. There are rooms for art director, hobby clubs, broiler, cloackroom and lobby.

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Since the opening there have been a lot of events. We started with a charity concert for a local boy. In addition, there have been major significant events since the new year. Especially for our village, in honor of the opening of the club, the Sakha Theater gave performances for two days. There were also concerts with local artists. And our biggest achievement- in April of this year, there was regional performances festival-show. We won first place there. This is from the time of the USSR, for the first time we took an honorable place.

We have different interest groups, ranging from folklore for children, for older age, there is a vocal-instrumental ensemble ‘Sana Tyyn’ (Fresh Impetus). There are dance groups for adults and children and a sewing circle.

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We plan to further making short films and documentaries. This year in the Ust-Aldan district is declared the Year of Heroes, within the framework of the events we plan to make a documentary film about our veterans and a short film dedicated to the Hero of Socialist Labor, Mikhail Gotovtsev. Full rehearsals of the play based on the story “Samalyk byybar” by Dmitry Naumov are taking place these days. The cast of the play is 30 people. And we plan to stage a play about the life of the villagers in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War. So far we have two such big plans.