ALROSA’s Aikhal Mining and Processing Division is launching a pilot project for the recycling of waste motor oils. The initiative is expected to have a significant environmental and economic impact.

The project involves the decontamination of waste motor oils, followed by their use for partial replacement of diesel fuel in the production of emulsion explosives widely used in mining operations.

The company has to store contaminated motor oils on the territory for further shipment to specialized companies for disposal. Their secondary use will reduce their environmental impact and have a significant economic effect by reducing the consumption of purchased diesel fuel and the cost of waste disposal.

Pilot testing is currently held at the sites of Aikhal MPD. Commercial operation is expected to start in early 2020.

Oil cleaning station made the use of waste motor oil to replace diesel fuel in the matrix emulsion possible. The Russian-made station is a block-modular building with main and supporting equipment inside.

As a result of the centrifuge operation, purified and dehydrated oil is obtained from the waste, which is suitable for use in the production of emulsion explosives. Mechanical impurities (thin metal shavings, oil deposits, etc.) are deposited on the inner wall of the centrifuge and enter a separate container for collection and further disposal under their own weight.

The station costs more than 3 million rubles. The pay-off period of the project is estimated to be up to two years.

The pilot project on the use of waste motor oils in emulsion explosives at the company's industrial sites is part of ALROSA’s large-scale program for improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. If its economic efficiency is confirmed, the decision on the project implementation at Nyurba MPD might be taken in 2020.