Children's Art School in Khandyga village of Tompon district celebrated its 55th anniversary. The institution was opened in 1964. Today the school is one of the social and cultural centers of the village. Its students make us happy with their achievements – every year the number of various creative and musical events winners is growing

The festive mood is strengthened by the fact that the institution operates in a new modern building. It was opened in 2013. The two-storey stone building was built under the trust fund for future generations program at the expense of ALROSA amounted to 78 million rubles.

How is the Art School doing now, and what are successes of current students? The principal Oksana Titova told us about it.

Титова О

Recently, the school turned 55 years old. Can you tell us how it all started?

It all started with a piano class. In 1964, a music school was established in Khandyga by the decision of the Executive Committee of the Tompon district. There was only a piano class at that time. But as the school evolved, accordion, guitar, domra, brass instruments, synthesizer, choral and pop singing, fine arts, photography, folklore, and choreography classes were opened. Over the years, more than 1,100 children graduated our school with 12 majors. Our institution has two branches in villages Dzhebariki-Khaya and Teply Klyuch of Tompon district.

What role does the school play in the development of modern children and youth?

Our school implements the program of supplementary art education with an advanced study of subjects. It carries out aesthetic and educational functions through training children and youth in different directions - music, choreography, theater and folk art. Our school gives every child the opportunity to feel part of the vast world of art.

Your students actively participate in various events and do it very successfully. Can you tell us about their latest achievements?

During the school year, teachers and students tested themselves in 45 competitions and festivals. More than 100 became laureates and diploma winners. Thus, Maxim Rygalov, a piano class student, won Constellation of Talents International Competition. Djergelgen dance group, Sayaana and Fantasia ensembles won Little Stars of Tompo 2019 Competition. Ivan Sokhibov won the Grand Prix of Your success 2019 Republican Contest. This year our school participated in the Republican competition of projects and won in Green lifestyle is our style category. It should be noted that a lot of work has been done by teachers to prepare students for competitions and concerts. But, regardless of the awards, such active work gives impetus to the development of children both at the technical, musical and performing level. I want us to continue to improve.

The teaching staff is interested in the success of their work with students. What are the requirements for teachers?

First of all, a teacher has to love children and has to know the subject he teaches perfectly. A lot depends on him. Sometimes, talented children come to our school and they seem to have a desire, but after studying a little they drop out.  It is very important to be able to captivate, infect with love for music. I'm sure you can learn to play an instrument with any abilities. Our school has a qualified teaching staff of 17 people, where 40% have higher education, 70% have higher and first qualification categories, and 50% have an honorary title or departmental awards. We are one big team that is always focused on the result. We have wonderful creative, and dedicated people in our team. The main thing in their work is professionalism. Each of them in one way or another makes an invaluable contribution to maintaining the prestige of the school. Our school has been repeatedly awarded for high creative achievements and a significant contribution to the development of culture and arts.

You have a lot of kids that play instruments. But in order to fully master an instrument, you need to have it at home. And this is not cheap. Can everyone afford to buy an instrument for their child?

Musical instruments are not cheap. But almost all our children have one at home. Parents try to create an appropriate musical environment. We are grateful to them for this.

Please tell us about your plans. What are the prospects of the school?

We still plan to develop and expand the specialized education that we currently conduct at school. I want to improve piano and folk instruments classes. I want to attract more students to the theatrical direction. Also, we plan to open vocal classes. We have all conditions for this: equipped rooms, instruments, modern equipment, and developed information and communication technologies.

You are lucky to have such conditions for children and teachers in our time. Can you tell us about the school building, does it meet the necessary requirements?

Yes, our school is located in a new two-storey stone building with an area of 1000 square meters, with a large adjacent recreation area and a playground for children. The new school building meets all modern aesthetic, technical and functional requirements.

The building of our center is known as UFO - the appearance is very similar to a typical flying saucer. Various village and district events are held in our school: creative competitions, concerts, performances and exhibitions. It has become a major cultural center of Khandyga district.

Наша школа

Over 55 years, 1,100 children graduated from the school, and every second of them became a professional musician. Do you keep track of your graduates’ achievements?

650 graduates continued their education in the majors they studied at the school. Many graduates not only continue getting professional musical education in secondary and higher educational institutions of Russia, but also successfully realize their talents in the arts. Among them are dozens of diploma winners, laureates, Grand Prix winners of international, all-Russian, and regional competitions.

As far as possible, of course, we follow the fate of our graduates. We are proud of our school graduate Natalia Bazaleva, honored artist of Yakutia. She works as the artistic director of G. M. Krivoshapko State Philharmonic of Yakutia. Our another graduate Natalia Tselykh is a professor of Ural Musorgsky State Conservatoire.

Valeria Mikhaseva is a professor at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory. Alexander Sirotkin is a graduate of the Novosibirsk Conservatory, winner of the 67th World Accordion Championship. Nikolay Issak is a world-class fashion designer and organizer of the Hairdressing Championship for the Cup of Yakutia.

Ruslan Azarin is a theatre decorator in Minsk.

Do graduates of the school return, but as teachers?

Many, of course, choose to live in big cities. They successfully work in professional theaters and art museums and organize concerts. Some return to the school, but in a different status, as teachers. Today we work with our graduate Nadezhda Ivanova, recipient of award for excellence in culture of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Under her leadership, our students win in regional and national competitions every year.

Every year the level of requirements to the teacher increases. We see that today it is not enough to be just a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, creatively gifted, and methodically competent teacher.

That was probably enough yesterday. And now it is important to know the legislation in the field of education, culture and art, be able to practically use constantly updated information, materials, and be ready to adapt to modern requirements. Only a teacher who is ready to meet these requirements will be successful, popular, and competitive today. And only he will form a positive image of the institution in which he works.


55 years: is that much?

I can say that 55 years is a very young age for a school. The most important thing in our school is its soul. The spirit formed by teachers, students, and their parents. School walls will inexorably count down time: 40, 50, 60 years, but the school will remain young because these walls will be filled with the new ringing voices pleasing us, teachers. The school spirit has no age. It is always ten or eleven years old - just as much as students go their way from the first to the last school bell.

What do you think is the school’s biggest achievement for now?

One of the school’s main achievements is the organization and conduct of competitions, which not only did not get lost in a large number of existing children's music competitions, but also took its rightful place in the cultural life of the district. These are Klaviraband annual concert of piano music and Young pianist regional competition. Also, we consider our graduates who choose music as a lifestyle the most important achievement and pride.

Happy anniversary to Khandyga Children's Art School! We wish the school staff success, more awards, joy and inspiration in their work!