For the first time, the volume of freight traffic on the railway infrastructure exceeded the six millionth milestone. So, over 11 months, 6.4 million tons of cargo was transported, which is 27% more than the same period last year, the press service of the railway company reports.

Positive dynamics compared with last year is observed for all nomenclature groups. Significant growth of 37% was noted in the transportation of coal to the south outside the republic - 4.6 million tons. Throughout the year, there has been a steady growth trend in food cargo - 84.9 thousand tons (+ 36%), oil products - 604.2 thousand tons (+ 22%), cargo in containers - 280.9 thousand tons (+ 7%), other cargo - 257.9 thousand tons (+ 6%).

It should be noted that with the introduction into permanent operation in July of this year, transportation in the Tommot - Nizhny Bestyakh section increased by 37% and amounted to 778.8 thousand tons.

The operation of the railway in continuous operation and the extension of the average network tariff to the Nizhny Bestyakh station stimulates shipping in the opposite direction. Thus, cargo loading at Nizhny Bestyakh station increased by 42% compared to last year and amounted to 116.0 thousand tons. These are the volumes of transportation of Yakutcement, which will be completely switched to railway transport. Next year JSC PA Yakutcement plans to transport 130 thousand tons of cargo, including cement loading - 90 thousand tons, unloading - 40 thousand tons.

There are great prospects for the backhaul load of the Yakut railway with volumes of liquefied natural gas. PJSC Gazprom is very interested in the export of liquefied natural gas. This is evidenced by the fact that the shipment of Yakut liquefied natural gas was mentioned on December 3 at a meeting of Gazprom Management Committee Chairman Alexei Miller and Mongolian Prime Minister Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh. “The parties discussed the prospects for energy cooperation. It was noted that in November 2019, Gazprom Export carried out the first small-tonnage supply of Russian liquefied natural gas to Mongolia,” a Gazprom press release said.

For the first time, liquefied natural gas was transported by rail in tank containers for export from the Nizhny Bestyakh station on October 22. The first batch of LNG in cryogenic tank containers arrived in Mongolia in early November and amounted to 33.4 tons. The producer of liquefied natural gas is Liquefied Natural Gas LLC (LNG LLC). The consignor was Siberian Fuel and Energy Company LLC (SiTEK), the forwarder and rolling stock operator, Yakutsk Container Agency LLC. In Mongolia, Yakut liquefied natural gas will be used as motor fuel in municipal transport in the capital of the country - Ulan Bator.