Meeting participants discussed joint projects between France and Russia


The North-Eastern Federal University hosted a meeting between Sylvie Bermann, French Ambassador to Russia, with academic teaching staff and university students studying French. The event participants discussed joint projects between France and Russia.

Sylvie Bermann comes to Yakutia for the second time - the first meeting took place 30 years ago, when she was a young diplomat.

- A lot has been done at the university for the development of international relations. I will do my best to support the development of university cooperate

on between universities in France and Russia, - the Ambassador emphasized.

Olga Melnichuk, Director of NEFU Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies, spoke about a project that has been implemented for 18 years. NEFU archaeologists with partners from Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse III) conducted archaeological excavations. The goal of the project is to study history of Yakutia: the Sakha people are the only cattle-farmers at such high latitudes, which is very unusual culturally. In addition, of all the peoples of the region, only the Sakha (Yakuts) have rites of burial of the dead in the land. This makes it possible to analyze the bodies preserved due to this fact and obtain accurate data, Olga Melnichuk emphasized.

French is the first foreign language to be taught in Yakutia: educational organizations began to teach it long before the revolution in 1917. 600 students study French at NEFU, said Marianna Samsonova, head of the French philology department at the Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies.