Many men, many stories. The old is replaced by the new. A large team in a large company is changing over the years, but all the same, the atmosphere of mutual support and mutual assistance among industrialists remains. Part of the role in this is played by family dynasties.

In the footsteps of father

A native of Nyurba, the senior master of the processing plant No. 16 Leonid Afanasiev joined the Company because of stories heard from his father-geologist.



“In 2000, our family moved to Mirny. Father was offered a job at the Nyurba Mining and Processing Plant as deputy chief engineer for environmental protection. In 2004 I entered the Mirny branch of Ammosov Yakut State University, Faculty of Minerals Processing. In 2006, I completed practical training at the industrial site of the village of Nakyn, Nyurba region, worked as a regulator of the tailings workshop (conducted observations of hydro-technical facilities, dams of tailings of concentration plants No. 15 and No. 16). In 2007 and 2008, I had a practical training at Seasonal Processing Plant No. 15 as a conveyor operator and a heavy-medium separator, respectively. I graduated from university in 2009 with a degree in mining engineering. Then I chose ALROSA, in particular the Nyurba Mining and Processing Division, since being a student I had concluded an agreement with the plant on employment for a period of 5 years. I chose ALROSA from different divisions, but the allure of working on a rotational basis in the remote taiga, the stories told by my father, a former geologist, kept haunting me. In addition, the plant was young (organized in 2000), I saw career prospects.

Our main motto is 'Fulfillment of the plan is duty, Overfulfillment is honor.' I monitor compliance with the established technology of plant processes, operating modes of technological equipment. I also monitor the implementation of all activities, labor protection regulations, operational discipline and safety.”

Almost all ALROSA employees from the local population, one way or another, have become employees of the Company within the framework of the program Local Personnel in Industry. We asked Leonid what he thinks about it.

“I got this news of the program from TV. I know that there is an agreement between ALROSA and the government of the republic on the employment of residents of the republic. Among the colleagues there are my relatives - second cousins, uncles - we work at the same site in the village of Nakyn. My older sister worked at the concentration plant No. 16 as an operator for an X-ray luminescent separator. As already said, from 2000 to 2018, my father worked as deputy engineer for environmental protection.”

Years of practice in the structural divisions of the Company helped Leonid quickly adapt to working conditions. Natural ingenuity and attentiveness helped him quickly navigate and master new responsibilities. He admitted that at first, the qualities of a person who joined an industrial company play a decisive role: “The adaptation went well, because I practiced for three years, I’m familiar with the team. In the linear engineering and technical workshop - managers-masters, senior masters, site managers, as well as workers were young specialists up to 30 years old, there were also employees with extensive experience in other enrichment plants, I have taken cues from them, learning something new every day. At work on a rotational basis, in the harshest of environments far from home, in my opinion, a man tempers his character, gains experience working and communicating with people. People with bad temper haven't stayed long, but some changed, others left - only good and helpful people work here.”

Leonid talks about his beloved wife and their son with great relish. His wife Anna is Candidate of Psychological Sciences, works at NEFU Institute of Psychology. Son Matvey is five years old. “My wife and son, like real Decembrists, are always together in sorrow and joy, they are looking forward to me, and are reluctant to see me off (almost as if I would have been a sea captain)”

Leonid is a great patriot of his republic. He dreams that local people should be involved in the industrial sector of the republic, where they hold high ranks, study at the best educational institutions of the country and the world, increase the national treasure, serve as examples for the younger generation and stay strong in the pursuit of their goals.

“I really want the diamond industry and industry as a whole in the republic to develop, so that the revenues and taxes of companies increase the budget of the republic for its development, infrastructure and social sphere. I dream of peaceful skies and a bridge across the Lena River,” he added.

Good job is the key to success

The final words of the previous specialist of the company are confirmed by the example of many real stories. So, one of ALROSA’s successful employees is Ayaal Egorov, 34, the head of the structural division of the Company — the communications department of the Almazavtomatika Special Trust (Mirny).

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He was born in Suntar ulus, but spent his childhood in Namsky ulus, and finished school in Yakutsk.

“I am a graduate of the best republican lyceum in the Far East under the leadership of Ivan Ivanovich Shamaev. In 2002 I entered the Moscow State Mining University. As a second year student, I met my future wife. As it turned out, we come practically from the neighboring villages of Namsky ulus. But Nastya and I met only in Moscow. We became colleagues, today she works as the group leader at ALROSA Environmental Center.”

They have two wonderful children.

It should be noted that Ayaal’s career in ALROSA began 11 years ago, in 2008, when he got a job as a setup and testing engineer at the installation and commissioning center of the Almazavtomatika in Mirny. In this position, Egorov worked for five years. In 2013, a promising specialist was promoted by offering him to organize and lead a new service department.

“This center is one of the largest and oldest divisions of the Almazavtomatika Trust and performs a lot of electrical installation and commissioning work, both at the existing and newly commissioned facilities of ALROSA,” says Ayaal.

In a year and a half, he proved himself a good manager and was offered to participate in the organization of the newly created center for the maintenance of mining management systems in another division of the Almazavtomatika Trust - the Automation Department.

“We have formed an excellent team, which is now involved in solving the most complex problems in the field of industrial automation at the facilities of ALROSA,” Ayaal shares.

In June 2019, Ayaal Egorov was appointed head of the Communications Department of the Almazavtomatika Trust, which provides communication services to all structural divisions of ALROSA.

“Providing high-quality and reliable communication channels is undoubtedly a very important task for any business, and for companies with such a wide geography as ALROSA, the criticality of failures in the operation of communication channels increases dramatically. But thanks to an experienced and close-knit team, we are coping with the tasks,” Egorov modestly noted.

During the conversation, Ayaal shared his thoughts on the implementation of the Local Personnel in Industry program:

- Today, the Company employs a lot more young local specialists of the republic than at the time when we had practical training at ALROSA. A special role is played by the Mirny Polytechnic Institute, which opened in the city with the assistance of ALROSA and as a result of the focused and meticulous work of Vyacheslav Anatolievich Shtyrov and Albina Abramovna Goldman. Thanks to this institute, many young locals get a good education and go to work in industry. And such a positive trend is to be continued.

Viktoria STAS’