Nyurba Mining and Processing Division of ALROSA estimated the positive environmental and economic effects of using solar panels

The use of solar collectors for the heating system of a shift camp has reduced greenhouse gas emissions, consumption of expensive imported oil and water intake.

The climate of Yakutia’s districts, where ALROSA's main production enterprises are concentrated, is distinguished by a long period of low temperatures and a short and hot summer. Moreover, the number of sunny days in the region is comparable with Krasnodar Krai. The average annual indicators of sunlight in the cities of the republic averages from 1,700 to 2,000 hours.

The Nyurba Mining and Processing Division of ALROSA has been operating 150 solar panels with an area of 300 square meters for three years. The cost of a complex of ЯSolar solar batteries of Russian production, converting solar energy into heat, amounted to 4.5 million rubles.

“The solar collector is a universal device for collecting solar energy, and environmentally friendly technology,” said Polina Anisimova, deputy chief engineer for ecology and working with indigenous and small-numbered peoples of the North, head of ALROSA Ecological Center.

The system for using an alternative heat source at the Nyurba Mining and Processing Division is built into the hot water supply system of the heating system of the shift camp at the Nyurbinskaya deposit. The solar collector system is operated in the summer during daylight hours and provides water supply to the heating system of the shift camp through storage tanks. The temperature of the supplied water is 50 degrees Celsius. The boiler room is on stand-by. Prior to installing this system, water was heated exclusively using a liquid fuel boiler operating on expensive imported oil.

The solar collector is a closed water heaters loop with heat exchange equipment. Water flows inside it, which transfers the thermal energy absorbed by the panels of the solar collector through the heat exchanger to the storage tanks. The system relates to technologies of high energy efficiency in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 06/17/2015 N 600.


During the period of operation of the solar collector system, it was possible to exclude oil consumption in the amount of 85 tons. In 2019 alone, about 200 Gcal of energy was received. The environmental benefits of this project are undeniable. According to ALROSA Ecological Center, no emissions into the atmosphere have been recorded for the entire duration of the solar collectors. Greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 271 tons in CO2 equivalent. In addition, during the operation of the system, no waste inherent in traditional energy sources is generated. It is also important that the water used in the project is in a closed circuit. This eliminates exposure to water bodies.