The personnel issue is the main problem for almost all medical institutions in Yakutia. The most difficult part is the shortage of doctors. Staffing at the Mirny Central District Hospital a few years ago was about 50%. There were big problems with the lack of nursing staff. Thanks to the support of ALROSA, this issue is being gradually resolved.

The problem of a shortage of medical personnel in Mirny has long been discussed. Mirny residents constantly complained about the inability to see the right specialists. They tried to correct the situation in different ways. However, not a single scheme worked completely. It was necessary to provide the most comfortable conditions to have a qualified specialist here. First of all, housing.

In 2016, ALROSA built a nine-story house for doctors. The company allocated 181.5 million rubles for its construction. The customer - Special Purpose Fund for Future Generations of the Republic of Sakha. The project was designed by the TNT Project Engineering.

A little over a year passed, and the new spacious house received the first new settlers on April 1, 2016. 96 medical specialists of the Central District Hospital received the keys to the comfortable apartments. The new nine-story building is located a few meters from the Mirny Central District Hospital. There is excellent infrastructure here - school, kindergarten, institute, banks, shopping centers, bus stops and dispensary.


Tatiana Struchkova, acting Chief Physician of the Mirny Central District Hospital:

“The construction of a residential building for doctors was a memorable moment for our hospital, in which since the 70s of the last century workers have never been given housing. Thanks to the new house commissioning, now we have the opportunity to offer a job for particular speciality professionals - surgeons, ophthalmologists, endocrinologists, anesthetists, resuscitators, traumatologists, urologists. And most importantly, they are all specialists who perform surgical operations. Accommodation is provided by an employer. The range of services for the population has expanded, now residents of the Mirny district do not need to go to Yakutsk or Novosibirsk to have or receive special procedures.

The work of a physician is very troublesome. A doctor may be In demand at the week-end, after work, and or on vacation. And, if the doctor has good housing, it means that the doctor treats and helps not only with medicines and the correct diagnosis, but also his or her mood.”

According to Tatiana Struchkova, today the district hospital is equipped with doctors by 74%, the availability of paramedical staff is 78%, and the junior medical staff is 84%. “In total there are 71 apartments in the new house, these are one-room apartments ranging in size from 30 to 41 square meters. It should be noted that the accommodation is not the only support for doctors. Each employee can receive social support - getting a kindergarten for their children, and, of course, financial assistance. These methods not only attract specialists, but also "tie them up" at the workplace. We are also engaged in training employees; all advanced training courses are paid in full.”

Housing issue, of course, is one of the main priorities when choosing a place of work, noted the employees of the district hospital. Comfortable housing allows doctors not to be distracted by everyday problems, but to concentrate on providing qualified medical care. Employees of the Mirny Central District Hospital thank ALROSA for its support and assure that the team will make every effort to improve the quality and accessibility of medical care for residents of the Mirny district.