Prototype airships for transporting people and goods in Yakutia were created by a Russian developer company. This was announced by the First Vice-President of St. Petersburg Association of Polar Explorers Platon Staroverov.

“The project is being developed, now it is called Airships of Yakutia. It means the transportation of people on airships, as well as cargo, including northern delivery, etc. This is a domestic development. There are prototypes created,” said Platon Staroverov.

The project was reviewed and approved by the expert council of the Arctic Research and Projects Center under the Association. “An airship is a tool that requires less expensive ground infrastructure compared to helicopters and airplanes. In terms of carrying capacity, it is superior to airplanes and helicopters. In the Arctic, climatic phenomena are difficult, but the airspace is always free and open, and the airship can easily fly from one place, practically not equipped, and land on the other,” said Staroverov.

According to him, the project also received support at the level of the government of the republic: "Yakutia is a huge territory, they are interested in this in order to solve the problems of their scale. This problem is being solved in the region at the governmental level.”

Staroverov added that the project is planned to be presented at 9th international forum 'The Arctic: Present and Future' in St. Petersburg December 5-7. Also on the agenda are new directions of state policy in the Arctic, participation of regions in it, environmental issues of the Polar region, the use of new technologies and innovations.