Ten people responded to the call of the city hall. The best photos will be placed at warm bus stops, said the head of the Department of Culture and Spiritual Development of Yakutsk, Antonida Koryakina, live on the Sakha State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

In her opinion, the “Below zero” photo marathon will allow citizens to take a closer look at interesting places in Yakutsk that they do not notice in the hectic weekdays. Ten people participate in the competition. They will receive a task according to which within three hours they will have to capture objects or events on the streets of the city. The best pictures will be chosen by the jury. Photographic works will be broadcast on the screens of warm bus stops.

Advisor to the Mayor for Tourism Veronika Vysokikh said that foreigners who live in the capital of the republic, including students and teachers of NEFU, are participating in the competition. The Ministry of Entrepreneurship of Yakutia organizes a trip to Oymyakon for them. Tourist groups from South Korea, Germany, as well as small groups of tourists from more than ten countries will visit the Cold Pole, Antonida Koryakina said.