Research and Educational Center (REC), which is being established in Yakutia, will conduct comprehensive studies of the Arctic zone. It is supposed to study the life of a person in the Arctic, the behavior of materials and systems in extreme temperatures, climate and ecology of the northern territories, Prime Minister Vladimir Solodov told TASS.

Now Yakutia is working on an application for the establishment of a world-class Research and Educational Center (REC) in the region. It is assumed that this will be a joint center for four regions of the Far East - Yakutia, Kamchatka Krai, Magadan Oblast and Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. Now the tender documentation is being finalized, work on it will be completed by mid-December.

“There is an understanding of the main directions: this is work in the field of geological exploration, studying climate and permafrost - the first direction; ecology and responsible nature management - the second. The third is the study of man in the Arctic and things related to the safe life of people. And the fourth is construction, new materials, the study of the engineering systems behavior at extreme temperatures,” said Vladimir Solodov.

He added that under the REC it is planned to cooperate with scientific and educational institutions, and business representatives. According to him, the regional government held talks with leading companies of the republic, in particular, with large producers of coal and gold.

Solodov explained that companies are ready to participate in the fundamental research of the center, which may affect their medium and long-term strategy, as well as legislative regulation. Another interesting area for companies is applied technological developments in the field of geological exploration or optimization of technological processes. In addition, companies will participate in training and research on the extension of professional longevity. Following the results of negotiations with business, the concept of the center will be supplemented.

It is estimated that budget funds will make up only a third of project financing. Another two-thirds are planned to be attracted from extra budgetary sources. Moreover, as Solodov explained, if the application of Yakutia for the establishment of a world-class REC is not approved, the project will be implemented at the regional level. “In any case, we will carry out this work, the competition will simply affect the scale of this activity,” he said.


Within the framework of the project “Development of scientific and research-industrial cooperation” in Russia, which is part of the “Science” national project, it is planned to establish at least 15 RECs of world level (based on the integration of universities and scientific organizations and their cooperation with organizations operating in the real sector of the economy).

The "Science" national project was developed in accordance with the May decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Duration of its implementation: from October 2018 to 2024. According to the goals of the national project, in 2024 Russia should enter the top five leading countries of the world carrying out research and development in areas determined by the priorities of scientific and technological development.