North-Eastern Federal University won a grant from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation - within the framework of the “Education Development” state program of the Russian Federation the university will open centers of Russian language and literature in China, according to the official website of the university.

As the professor, the head of the department of the Russian as a foreign language, the Philological Faculty, the project’s supervisor Svetlana Petrova, said, the project is designed to expand cooperation between universities of the PRC and NEFU: “The grant is associated with the implementation of the full functioning and development of the Russian language. It will help to make our university recognizable and prestigious for receiving a Russian education. Chinese youth will learn about our republic and its features. Most importantly, it will make Yakutia attractive in the eyes of foreign students.”

Training of students is supposed in two stages: distance and full-time. The correspondence phase of the developed programs in the Russian language and literature was completed in September. Full-time ends in December this year. In Chinese universities, a working group of the Philological Faculty teachers will conduct continuing education courses. It is planned to open a center for advanced training of Chinese teachers of Russian as a Foreign Language at the Changchun Institute of Science and Technology, and the NEFU Russian Language and Education Research Center at Heilongjiang East University in Harbin.

About 150 people will be trained on the basis of these centers: variable course programs have been developed in accordance with the degree of preparation of students in the disciplines “Modern technologies for teaching Russian as a foreign language”, "Topical issues of the study of Russian classical literature", "Russian literature of the XXI century." At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of participation. “Teachers will be awarded extra points for certification, senior students will have the opportunity to transfer to the appropriate course of the Faculty of Philology of NEFU, and in the future - to enter a magistracy, and then to graduate school,” emphasizes Svetlana Petrova.

The project of the department of the Russian as a foreign language of the Philological Faculty won in the "Development and improvement of the personnel potential of the centers for open education in Russian and teaching the Russian language."