The diamond region will host the festival of song and dance, poetry and folklore. On April 24 - May 1, ALROSA and the Profalmaz public organization, with the support of the Mirny district and the city of Mirny, will hold a song festival to consolidate non-mainstream music and the youth movement.

‘Mirny Sings of Peace’ 32 years ago

In the past years, the ‘Mirny Sings of Peace’ festival was a kind of genuine “brand” of the diamond-mining region, ‘Yakutalmaz’ Science and Production Association, the Mirny branch of Komsomol (All-Union Leninist Young Communist League). 32 years ago I was on the delegation of the republican press covering the grand youth forum. I represented the Yakut youth newspaper Eder communist. Our group of Yakutsk consisted of news photographer Nikolai Fateev (today he is press secretary of the Ministry of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic), professional photographer Andrey Nikkar. The ‘Youth of Yakutia’ newspaper was represented by its resident correspondent in the city of Mirny - Natalia Borodyanskaya-Kan.

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I do not forget those February days of 1987, when the organizers of the youth song festival, Andrei Strelnikov, Vladimir Zhambalov, director of the Almaz Palace of Culture, Valery Belogurov, rejoiced in an unprecedented number of participants. The festival organizers and the working group achieved the highest level of the number of participants - more than a thousand people. Definitely, it was a great achievement - thirty large delegations from all over the country, representatives of 12 major cities of the USSR! There were 8 rock groups. The festival covered the villages of Chernyshevsky and Zarya, Almazny and Arylakh. It was attended by the Mirny schools, the Mirny vocational school, industrial enterprises and budget organizations. The Yakut Regional Committee of the Komsomol (First Secretary V. Nikiforov) invited the Palestinians to the festival - the Sadaka ensemble from Syria.

I remember well the famous bard from the city of Noyabrsk - Stanislav Korenblit. I remember the magnificent vocal-instrumental ensemble Chokur Taas from the arctic village of Chokurdakh. This ensemble from Allaikha, a few thousand kilometers from the coast of the Arctic Ocean, came specially to the festival! I still remember the Nuance group from the city of Tomsk, the 'Synthesis' a capella singing ensemble (Bratsk), the Karat group from Udachny and the Argument from Aikhal.

Yakutalmaz fully paid for accommodation, meals, travel costs of guests. By the way I must say, the diamond workers did an excellent job with the work of coordinating transport services for guests. More than a dozen pieces of equipment, a medical team, thirty guides - all this represented an excellent organization of a grand event. All participants and guests of the festival were thrilled with the city of Mirny and its inhabitants. They spoke with true wonder and deep respect about the possibilities of the diamond capital.

Alas, since then, the priorities, conditions, and the whole situation have changed. Today the festival is different.

19th ‘Mirny Sings of Peace’ Festival

This spring, the ‘Mirny Sings of Peace’ Festival is held for the 19th time. The youth of the diamond capital will party all these days in the tempo and along the lines of this wonderful celebration of song and dance. The organizing committee of the youth festival is open from morning until late evening. Volunteers, enterprises and organizations who stated their willingness to provide sponsorship assistance to a grandiose cultural event will be involved in the full extent.

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The ‘Mirny Sings of Peace’ festival is a large-scale event. And it is very unfortunate that delegations from many parts of Yakutia and Russia will not come. Season of bad roads, unbearable air fares did their nasty work - now there are really few participants.

The festival will be opened by the exhibition of the Spanish photographer and artist Carlos Falgozo. The Almaz Culture Palace will host the first master class - Musical Art (MOJO).

The events held within the framework of the festival will start on April 25. This day will be the International Day of the Short Film. The Musical art master class (Creating Electronic Music) opens. An open master class of Dance Art (Acrobatic rock and roll) will be held. Up until April 30, concerts and vocal master classes will be held at the Almaz Palace of Culture.

Guests of the festival

Aleksey Golosov - choreographer, founder of the online dance course Fundament (Moscow).

DJ GROOVE (Evgeny Rudin) - musician, composer, producer. Winner of the most prestigious music awards in Russia (Moscow).

Guests from Spain - Carlos Falgozo and Jorge Godas. Carlos is a photographer. Jorge is an electronic music composer.

Sergey Orlov - stand-up comedian (Moscow).

Timur Bazarov - choreographer, founder of a dance school in the city of Ulan-Ude.

Anna Chemusova - journalist (Ulan-Ude).

Daniela Sudnevskaya - dancer, prize-winner of the world hip-hop championship (Moscow).

Chris Aiver - poetess (Moscow).

And many other talented people.

Thus, along with concert performances, master classes and meetings with creative people will be held. And, of course, the notorious underground guitarists, bards, and admirers of popular music trends will organically fit into the festival program.

The youth festival ‘Mirny Sings of Peace’, despite the loss of its massive scale, will bring its contribution to the cohesion of youth subcultures, the manifestation of talent, the growth of the cultural and spiritual potential of the diamond capital.

Stanislav Alekseev, the city of Mirny