Protected natural area of at least 65,000 hectares will be located in the Bulun ulus, the press service of the Ministry of Ecology of Yakutia reports.

A new protected area is being created in order to preserve the seedstock herd of wild reindeer of the Leno-Olenek population at the place of fawning and fattening of young animals on the southern slope of the Chekanovsky Ridge.

According to experts, this event should be the main compensation measure to replenish the waning territory of the national reserve Beke and preserve the reindeer population; the territory’s activity is the basis of the traditional way of life, primarily for communities of indigenous peoples of the North of the Olenek district, where animals return annually for wintering.

In 2018 the ministry, together with the Institute of Biological Problems of Cryolithozone of the SB RAS, conducted an air-visual recording of the number of wild reindeer of the Lena-Olenek population. It covered the territories of Anabar, Bulun and parts of the Olenek and Zhigansky administrative districts. According to the results of the flight, it was established that the Chekanovsky Ridge is currently the only place for calving, summering and fattening of young Leno-Olenek population, which requires strict protection to preserve the wild reindeer population and their growth.