Charity and social programs are an important part of corporate ideology of any successful company, which is indicative of civic stand and social responsibility. For several decades, ALROSA has been providing financial and material assistance to the Nyurba Republican Rehabilitation Center for children with disabilities. “All our achievements would not have been possible without the active participation of ALROSA,” say the Center’s employees.

The Nyurba Rehabilitation Center for hearing and speech was established in 1996 as a branch of the Neryungri Rehabilitation Center. In 2012, the institution was transformed into the Nyurba Republican Rehabilitation Center for disabled children. During this time, thousands of children with various diseases from all over the republic underwent rehabilitation here.

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It is worth noting that in the region the number of children with disabilities is increasing every year. Yakutia is among the ten regions of Russia with a high level of primary childhood disability. As of January 1, 2018, according to the Pension Fund, 6,280 children with disabilities were recorded, since 2019 the number of children with disabilities has increased by 250 children. However, most children are registered as disabled persons due to diseases of the nervous system.

In 2012, thanks to ALROSA, the reconstruction of an old two-story stone building with an area of 643.2 square meters was carried out. The Company allocated 6,500,000 rubles for this. After the reconstruction, the number of usable area and the number of patients increased. The number of staff increased from 20 to 36. The annual coverage of children with various diseases has increased as well. In 2018, 552 children underwent rehabilitation in the Center, including 400 in stationary form and 152 in semi-stationary form. There are 200 disabled children in total. 143 children underwent rehabilitation from other districts of the republic.

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In 2016, the construction of a bedroom building, which was extremely necessary for little patients, began. ALROSA spent 34.6 million rubles on the construction of the bedroom block for 40 beds. 730,000 rubles were allocated to cordon off the territory and 913,651 rubles to change the location of the transformer substation. Two years later, the grand opening of the new building of 502.4 square meters took place. Employees have new opportunities for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities. The new bedroom block is designed for 40 beds, with a 24-hour stay for 30 children and a day stay for 10 children. Two floors have rooms for sleeping, playing and leisure.

With the expansion of the area, conditions for comprehensive medical and social rehabilitation of children improved. Physiotherapy, massage, exercise therapy are carried out in separate spacious rooms. A Montessori room, hot tubs, a kitchen for occupational therapy are equipped.

Thanks to the support of ALROSA, living conditions are improving every year. For little patients, six meals a day with a varied balanced menu are provided. In 2019, ALROSA allocated 153,155 thousand rubles for the purchase and installation of a water treatment plant.

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Today, the Center includes 2 departments. The medical and social department monitors the health status of children with disabilities who undergo rehabilitation. Here, children receive medical advice and therapeutic measures (massage, vibration massage, hydromassage, physical therapy exercises, physiotherapy), as well as medical treatment. The department’s specialists provide children with the necessary recommendations for further rehabilitation measures. In the psychological and pedagogical department, patients undergo psychological and pedagogical correction. Specialists provide individual corrective work, conduct classes aimed at the formation and development of everyday life skills in a disabled child, as well as communication and motor skills.

The staff of the Center includes highly qualified teachers of various fields - sign teacher, speech therapist, speech pathologist, psychologist, pediatrician, neurologist and ENT specialist, nurses, massage therapist, physical therapy instructor, as well as teaching staff - social educator and cultural organizer. Staffing is 97%.

The institution continues to develop, updating the material and technical base, introducing new forms, technologies for working with children with disabilities. Today, the Center's staff can accept and provide worthy help to children with cerebral palsy, musculoskeletal system disease and other diseases. The Center also provides early assistance since the birth of a child, so over the current year 28 children with various developmental disorders have been identified who received medical and pedagogical rehabilitation.

Director of the Nyurba Republican Rehabilitation Center Samangadi Bazarsadaevna Dondokova:

- We continue to work actively with our patients. In 50-60% of cases, these are our repeat patients. They undergo rehabilitation gradually, accumulating skills that specialists give them. But in the interrehabilitation period, we are sure to support them. Specialists consult them on Skype and e-mail, give assignments, including parents. We have many children from remote areas, rural areas who find it difficult to get to the Center.

Thanks to ALROSA, the material and technical base of the institution is annually strengthened over all the years of the Center’s activities. The staff and parents are very grateful for the continued support and understanding for the sake of a healthy future for our children. We are convinced of the noble business ALROSA is engaged in. It gives our little patients health; it gives parents hope - hope for the future.

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Raisa Egorovna Vasilieva, sign teacher, honored social  worker of Yakutia:

- I am very glad that over the 20 years of my work, our Center is constantly and extensively developing, improving, both materially and substantively. Many children who have successfully undergone rehabilitation go to kindergartens and schools, learn and receive specialties - they integrate into society. I am immensely grateful to ALROSA for the humane attitude towards children with disabilities and I hope for further fruitful cooperation.

“We have been visiting the Center with my daughter since 2014. The atmosphere here is friendly. Thanks to the individual approach, professionalism of all specialists, my daughter Aisena has positive changes. Each time my daughter gladly goes to her speech therapist Isabella Nikolaevna Fedorova, psychologist Sargylana Yurievna Timofeeva, also enjoys a hydromassage and massage of Varvara Gavrilyevna Innokentieva, she loves physiotherapeutic procedures with Yan Vyacheslavovich Pavlov and Nadezhda Nikolaevna Strukina, she is impatiently engaged in physical therapy with Natalia Vyacheslavovna Burnasheva. We are very pleased that the material and technical base of the Center is improving every year, a sleeping building has been built, and new devices have been purchased. This year my daughter went to 1st grade along with her peers. We wish the Center prosperity and great success in work,” shared the mother of the child with cerebral palsy Tatiana Valerievna Stepanova.

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Parents of children who undergo rehabilitation are grateful to the Center for hard work and attention. The doctors of the Center are professionals for whom work is not just a routine and daily work, but a vocation - day after day to follow their professional and human duty - to treat little people.