For the fifth year now, thanks to ALROSA's financial support, the infection department of the Mirny Central District Hospital has been operating in a separate building. It provides medical care to adults and children suffering from intestinal infection, influenza, complicated forms of acute respiratory infections, viral hepatitis and other infectious diseases. How the hospital changed after the opening of the new building, what is the life of the department today - in an interview with the chief physician of the Mirny Central District Hospital Tatiana Struchkova.

- The previous location of the infectious diseases hospital did not withstand any criticism. How is life now?

  • We are extremely happy that we work in such a building! This is truly an invaluable gift for our patients and physicians. This is the result of the care of our leaders, municipal authorities and ALROSA. All we have now is their support. We are very grateful to them! You can’t even imagine what problems we were facing. The conditions were really terrifying. In the old wooden building, where infectious patients were treated, there were neither boxed wards, nor separate reception of patients, no conditions for treatment. Therefore, the activity of the infectious diseases department was even suspended; patients were transferred to a TB dispensary. This was contrary to sanitary norms and rules. At that time, I was acting as the head doctor of the Mirny Central District Hospital. With Tatiana Bobrovskaya, the head of the healthcare department of the Mirny district, we were looking for a suitable building for two years. In the spring of 2012, we managed to convince the head of the district, Ildar Sultanov, to build a separate building for the infection department. And already in the summer, construction began. ALROSA contributed to the co-financing of the second stage of the repair work of the infection department.


The infectious department of our hospital meets the latest standards. Quality in everything - from modern equipment to comfortable wards for 1–2 patients and insulated boxes. We, the doctors, jokingly call the infectious desease department a five-star hotel. The building is designed for 16 beds, has 2 separate blocks - an airborne droplet and a block of intestinal infection. Separate exits from the boxes provide comfort and safety. We must understand that today the infectious diseases hospital is a strategic object, one can say high-security facility. Isolation of patients in boxed blocks is one of the elements of infection control. When contacts cease, the morbidity situation improves.

- How many medical staff work in the hospital today? Are there enough employees?

- The department employs 11 people - 1 doctor, 5 Medical attendants and 5 hospital aides - 100% staffed. So compared with other republican regions, the situation with staff is simply wonderful. I can say that this applies to other services of the central district hospital. This is facilitated by the opening of a branch of the Yakutsk Medical College in Mirny. If in 2012 there was 51% of staffing, now the district hospital is provided with 70% of paramedical personnel.

I am proud of all the employees of our infectious diseases unit. These are people with huge medical experience, and, perhaps, no one can treat patients with an infection profile as well as they do. It should be noted that mainly children are treated in the department. They are most susceptible to various infections. We have children with rotavirus and intestinal infections, acute respiratory infections, sore throat, tonsillitis. The situation is especially aggravated in the off-season, when children's immunity fails: in the spring and autumn, almost all beds are occupied by children.

The team of the infectious diseases department deserves the highest recognition. Thanks to the good material and technical base and qualified specialists, we do not encounter such difficulties as the reluctance of people to go to the infectious diseases hospital. We have created decent conditions for patients. Here we are happy to provide medical care. We do not have a division into “friends” and “strangers,” but an individual approach and competent treatment are guaranteed to all patients, without exception, both toddlers and adults.

- What is the flow of patients?

- The infectious diseases ward delivers medical support to all Mirny district. About 420 people undergo treatment here a year, of which about 300 are children. For 4 and a half years, 1,973 patients received medical care in the infection department, 1,073 with acute intestinal infection, 174 patients with hepatitis, 13 with HIV, 485 people with respiratory organs. It should be noted that we do not have planned patients, all come according to emergency indications.

- What did the new building give to the infection department and patients? How exactly did its opening help the sick?

- We always treated many patients. But that is not the point. Not an increase in quantity is important - the new building gave us a quantum leap, our capabilities have increased. We began to work much more intensively. Here we can help like nowhere else. Thanks to the coordinated and qualified work of the medical staff, all patients are discharged healthy, smiling, grateful.

- Do you collaborate with ALROSA Medical Center?

- We work together with the Medical Center. It has a very good sanatorium Gornyak. On its basis, our patients - people with disabilities, those who have suffered a general cerebrovascular accident, heart attacks, strokes - undergo the third stage of rehabilitation.

At the state level, health care is remembered when it is bad. And ALROSA always helps us, pays special attention to medicine - both then and now. As an example, a 71-apartment building for medical stuff. ALROSA allocated 181.5 million for its construction. Now, young specialists come to us with pleasure, we immediately provide them with housing. In addition, the Company annually allocates money through the target program "Mirny district - child-friendly." With this money, we purposefully update the children's clinic. In 2017, we acquired a children's dental facility, in 2018 - a dental unit for the Svetlinskaya hospital and medical equipment for rural outpatient clinics - medical refrigerators, ECG devices, physical equipment. This year we acquired a children's ophthalmology room and a bronchoscope. We used to invite a specialist to Mirny with a bronchoscope, now we have both a specialist and equipment.

- And at the end of our conversation, what do you want to wish the readers?

  • I want to wish readers good health - this is the motto of all medical workers, and we will never tire of wishing you health. And we do our best to create the most comfortable conditions. We will continue to treat our patients!
  • Thank you, Tatiana Petrovna, we wish you further success in your work!


Sargylana Burnasheva, head of department, infectious disease specialist, pediatrician:

- Our branch is unique in its kind - there is no second such one in the region. Equipped with the latest technology. We treat patients in spacious wards using the latest equipment.

The infectious disease department is located in the Zarechny microdistrict, 5 km from the city of Mirny. The building with a total area of 588.5 square meters consists of insulated blocks. Each of them allows us to provide medical care on the same area to patients with a wide variety of diseases, absolutely not putting them at risk of infection. Wards for 2 people, each of them has a shower, bathtub, toilet, no problems with hot water. Plastic windows, doors with a special window for serving food.

Food is delivered by a special machine from the catering department of the central district hospital. There is a buffet area, but it is intended only for receiving and distributing food to patients.

The department provides round-the-clock inpatient medical care with one nursing post.


Irina Podkosova, senior nurse:

- I came to work in the infectious diseases department in 1988. Working conditions were very difficult then, there was no building. We moved from one place to another. In 1992, we moved to a new wooden building, but it did not meet the northern conditions. Everything was freezing - floors, walls. Everything was covered with hoarfrost. It was so cold that we worked in fur coats and high fur boots (unty).

I have been working in the infectious diseases department for more than 30 years, 10 of them as senior nurse. I love my work very much; I live for my work. Our work is interesting and responsible. It requires endless patience and attention. Well, and most importantly - true love for patients. The new building has all the conditions for work. Warm, light building, modern equipment, and the staff is good.