As part of the campaign, the employees of the ALROSA Environmental Center went to the Vilyui group of districts to communicate with schoolchildren, clean the coastal zones of the rivers together and join the All-Russian campaign to conserve water resources.

Ecologists of ALROSA launched the Pure Water campaign together with schoolchildren in the village of Elgyai in Suntar district, where the construction of the school in 2015 was financed by the joint-stock company of ALROSA. The guests brought students professional mini-laboratory complexes that can significantly improve the educational process.

“I think that at the Geography or Biology lesson, or a hobby group, it will be interesting and useful for children to conduct small studies with their own hands,” said Polina Anisimova, head of the ALROSA Environmental Center.

The guests entrusted to open a gift to the student, who asked the most interesting question to environmentalists while communicating with the delegation. In addition to laboratory complexes, which include flasks, instruments, reagents and textbooks, children were presented with other gifts in backpacks that ecologists gave.

The Company did not leave aside the problems of adults. ALROSA funded the construction of water treatment plants in local settlements.

After that, environmentalists and children went to the shore of Vilyui. During an hour of work, several bags of various garbage were collected by common efforts.

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“According to constant monitoring, background concentrations of substances in water are normal. There is no excess of permissible normative indicators for metals,” said Gavril Yakovlev, head of the Elgyai village.

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The next day, ALROSA ecologists went to meet first-graders of the village of Maar in Nyurba district. The local school was also given a mini laboratory. Pupils also participated in a campaign to clean up the banks of the Markha River.

The ALROSA Environmental Center plans to continue such visits, the next in line is the Vilyuchan boarding school in Suntar district. There, ecologists plan to equip the laboratory for more than 1 million rubles.