On September 8, about 300 city residents completed the running season of 2019, breaking 2 kilometers along the streets of Mirny. The bright sun, according to the organizers of the event, contributed only to one thing - This run will take place!

The square near the Almaz cultural center was gradually filled with people who wanted to spend time with benefit, and after that all the athletes took part in the playsome warm-up, which was held by fitness instructors of the Cultural and Sports Complex. The launch line, supporters of an active and healthy lifestyle, crackers with multi-colored smoke soared upwards, and the gathered crowd of residents of Mirny rushed into the distance to run. The race has begun!

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As we were informed in the Company, employees of the Company in Yakutsk also joined the event, which was a big surprise for the organizers. After all, initially their participation in the race was not planned, and the last “diamond race” took place on August 31.

The idea of the organizers of the event was aimed at health promotion, so there were no winners for the best time. But according to the results of the entire cycle of races, 2 enterprises were awarded. This is the ALROSA Environmental Center, which showed the largest percentage of the number of employees participating in the race, and the Almazik kindergarten - the winner in terms of the number of participants in the race - 120 employees, which for almost the entire period of the “diamond races” had the palm by the number of runners among employees of ALROSA structural divisions. Winners received certificates for a free ice party at the Kimberlite Sports Complex.

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“The atmosphere at the stadium is excellent, I would like to see such events more often in the city,” Shikhmet Agaiev, deputy production manager of the Capital Construction Directorate, shared.

I just recently came to work in Mirny from Tomsk, and was surprised that running races are popular here. I realized that I hadn’t felt such pleasant tiredness from running for a long time,” Ivan Titov, a hydrogeologist of the Vilyui Geological Exploration Expedition, commented on the participation in the race.

The winners also shared their participation in the race and the event.

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Natalia Safronova (Almazik kindergarten): “The weather favors running through the city today. I would like to see more people at the stadium. Almazik gathered again in good composition - almost 50 people. Well and, of course, we are glad to win - a small enterprise, but showed the highest turnout. Next year there will be even more employees at Triumph.”

Marina Vorotova (Environmental Center): “Today there are not so many of us (employees of the Environmental Center) at the stadium as on the day of the Diamond Race, but we rejoice at the victory of our division. And now we are waiting with pleasure when we can get together at an ice corporate party in Kimberlite, with a full complement of workers of course (laughs). Thanks to the organizers for bringing joy to everyday life, for the fact that the weekend in the diamond capital was sporty, friendly and atmospheric. Opting for sports and health is the surest!”

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The first Diamond Race 2019 is over, and the Cultural and Sports Complex plans to create a new running tradition, so those who have not tried their strength this year – you can begin to prepare for the next!