On September 7, ALROSA-class students completed a “rope course” - an exciting training for team building. The event was organized by specialists of the training center and young professionals of ALROSA. Classes were aimed at the formation and development of teamwork skills. All stages and tasks of the “rope course” involved a creative approach, individual and group self-expression.

“The guys learned not only to perform a common task, to work on tactics and strategies for solving it, but also to show their own leadership qualities. They tried to hear and listen to each other. I believe that events such as team building help make friends, because the guys have two years of joint study ahead, and it is very important to achieve mutual understanding from the very beginning,” said Zlata Kurbanova, training center leading engineer, moderator of the program.

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ALROSA-class is a unique project with in-depth study of physics, mathematics and computer science in comparison to school. In addition, as part of an in-depth training program, students can communicate with invited teachers from Moscow universities, as well as attend master classes in principal subjects. The close interaction of ALROSA representatives with high school students in such unusual formats allows students to learn about the Company's activities and the specifics of the professions in demand.

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“We are participating in the ALROSA-class project for the second year. It’s difficult, but interesting, for children to study in the project class. We do not set the main goal to improve academic performance, it is important for us to inspire an interest in engineering and the formation of pre-professional skills that will help children become successful.

A modern engineer must be guided by new technologies, possess a wide range of competencies, be able to solve unique problems and make innovative decisions. Therefore, in engineering classes, in addition to advanced mathematics, physics, computer science and chemistry, students take various courses. For example, an extra-curricular course in technical English,” said Anna Matafonova, Grade Lead Teacher of the ALROSA-class.

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We remind you that in the new academic year, one engineering class was formed at the Polytechnic Lyceum. The opportunity to study in the ALROSA class was given to 29 students from schools in the city of Mirny, who consciously chose the profession of engineer and passed the competitive selection. In order to enter the ALROSA class, the guys had to not only successfully pass the Final Certifying Examination in physics, mathematics and computer science, but also pass the test. The results of participation in academic competitions and research and training conferences were also taken into account.

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This ALROSA project helps school graduates make an informed choice of their future profession or specialty. In addition, schoolchildren are prepared for admission to profession-oriented universities, after which they will be able to work in PJSC ALROSA. The program has been running since 2018.