On the City Day and the Diamond Miner's Day, production workers and the best workers of the enterprises and organizations of the town were honored in Aikhal. On this day, more than 40 awards of various levels were presented. Including 30 employees of the plant were awarded the title Honored Worker of Aikhal Mining and Processing Division. According to tradition, workers went on stage to receive the award: drivers, ore enrichment specialists, locksmiths, turners. How ALROSA employees achieve excellence in work and how the Company helps its employees – all this is in the article below.

Power man by nature

Roman Proskurin has been working at ALROSA for 17 years. This year he became an honored worker of the Aikhal plant. He was born and raised in Aikhal - he began his career here, has been working for 15 years in the Komsomolsky pit of the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division of ALROSA. Roman enjoys his work as the Deputy Chief Power Engineer. Graduated from Mining University. This is today Roman Proskurin can give advice to colleagues, share experience, solve any production problem, but he started like any young specialist.

“After the university, everything was new, I had a theory, but no practice; leaders, colleagues, and employees helped me. I’m lucky with the team,” Roman Proskurin recalls his first years of work at the plant.

Today, miners, completing work on the Komsomolskaya pipe, are increasing ore production at a new deposit - the Zarya pipe. They operate modern equipment, introduce new ideas into production. An experienced specialist, Roman Proskurin, is always at the forefront - he is exploring new equipment capabilities, transmitting knowledge to colleagues.

“A new fleet of drilling rigs and excavators was acquired for the Zarya quarry. Also, switchgears of a new type. It is interesting, sometimes difficult, to keep up with the times, the scope of work is large, innovations are introduced constantly. It also helps that ALROSA purchases and delivers new equipment for production,” says Roman Proskurin.

Roman considers attentiveness to be the most important thing in work. It should be everywhere from circuit design to working with electricity. For colleagues, Roman is not just a specialist in energetics in his heart, he is a man of deed and words.

“If you turn to him, he will first think, and then give an answer. Never shrug you off. Proskurin is also a good organizer. He’s an interesting person, friend and comrade, I can talk about him for a long time,” says Alexander Kochkin, chief mechanic at the Komsomolsky pit in the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division.

When you like your profession


At the workplace of the honored worker of the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division Vladimir Vusaty, everything is in place. The tools are in perfect condition; every detail is at hand - the work goes with a swing. For 13 years, Vladimir has been working at the pumping station of the tailing pond of plant No. 8 of Aikhal Mining and Processing Division of ALROSA. He was familiar with the profession before coming to the North.

“I love my job, as a driver loves cars, I love pumps so much. This is a very interesting equipment, complicated,” says Vladimir Vusaty, pumping unit operator at plant No. 8 of the Aikhal Division.

For 13 years of work on the so-called “tailings of the eighth plant” Vladimir Vusaty knows a lot about the work of the site. Shares experience with colleagues. He starts every shift with pleasure - equipment is always under control, Vladimir likes his profession. He started at the time as a driver - however, stresses on the road played a role, as Vladimir himself says, he quickly changed "nervous" work to a calmer one.

“In my work, I consider the team to be the most important, my colleagues are very good, if something is not clear I prompt them or ask for help myself,” said Vladimir Vusaty.

The operators of the pumping facilities at the tailing dump are mostly women - Vladimir comes to common terms with everyone. A people person and a professional is in touch at any time.

“Vladimir is our basic worker. He is very responsible, always helps in any situation. If he does something, then it’s of high quality and conscientiousness,” says Elena Seraya, operator of pumping plants at plant No. 8 of the Aikhal Division.

Vladimir does not plan to leave the Far North. As he admits, living in Aikhal is comfortable: a stable job that he loves, a well-maintained town are the main factors for a successful life for Vladimir Vusaty.

Labor dynasty


In the technological transport depot of the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division, there are honored workers. Yuri Nagorny has been working at ALROSA for 28 years. He lives in Aikhal from birth, so there was no doubt which profession to choose. Both grandfathers and father of Yuri worked as drivers. After the army, Yuri began as a fitter, after having studied at a local training center, got a job as a driver.

“It has become interesting to work now, the car fleet is being updated, a lot of modern technology is coming in, it’s interesting to master it, continuing the labor dynasty,” says Yuri Nagorny, driver of the automobile depot of technological transport No. 1 of the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division.

Today, Yuri Nagorny is working as an on-duty driver. Over the years of work at the enterprise, he mastered various automobiles, he has thousands of kilometers behind him - today, he can drive any car. ALROSA veteran helps youth get used to a new workplace.

“All new equipment is electronic digital one. Sometimes it gets out of order. Yuri Nagorny can quickly fix software bugs. And the equipment is back in service," says Alexander Alyoshin, crane operator of the automobile depot of technological transport No. 1 of the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division.

In the workshop of the duty driver everything is always in order. Particular attention is paid to observing safety measures - after all, there is gas equipment in the workshop as well. Colleagues speak about Yuri Nagorny only positively. Management also appreciates an experienced employee.

Best worker of the repair shop of the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division


This year the title Best Employee of the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division was awarded to Denis Polotsky. He received the award along with other employees at a gala concert on the Diamond Miner's Day. For 17 years, Denis Polotsky has been working at the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division of ALROSA. Today he works as a foreman in the repair shop of the plant. Like many of the Company's employees, Denis spent his childhood in Aikhal. Having received a professional education, he began working as a fitter for the repair of mining equipment. Today Denis himself leads a small team - subordinates repair equipment for the quarry.

“We are assembling BelAZ for about three days. The work is difficult because you have to work at height. All industrial safety standards must be observed,” says Denis Polotsky.

Workers at the repair shop are also involved in the assembly of new equipment. Modern technology requires new knowledge and skills. Denis Polotsky, together with his colleagues, study instructions, take note of interesting ideas and implement them in production.

“The third year we are working with Denis as foremen, he proved himself as a good specialist. Conscientious, honest, cheerful, when necessary - he is strict," says Andrey Shalashov, foreman of site No. 1 of the repair shop of the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division.

The labor glory of ALROSA is precisely them, those who for many years have been working for the benefit of the diamond company. Site foremen, drivers, locksmiths, turners, engine drivers. They are creating a new labor history of Aikhal.

For workers and their families

ALROSA, in turn, has been supporting its employees for many years. The Company constantly implements more than a dozen points of social policy. So, 7.1 billion rubles were allocated by the Company in 2019 to finance a social package of workers.

ALROSA provides various social guarantees in the field of health. If there is medical evidence, the Company provides voluntary medical insurance for employees, including inpatient treatment in the best clinics in Russia. Every employee of the Company is insured against industrial accidents.

Workers on childcare (under the age of 3 years) leave receive a monthly payment of 2,654 rubles increased by the regional premium rate. The Company provides its employees and members of their families with spa treatment once every 2 years. Children of workers can always go to health camps, as well as receive New Year's gifts, young parents also receive sets for newborns. Workers with 3 or more children receive a 50% discount for paying for the services of a preschool educational institution.

The Company also implements partial compensation for mortgage interest for its employees. Young specialists of the Company living in hostels receive compensation for the cost of living or renting a house.

The Company also has a pension program under which employees can receive non-state pension benefits on an equal basis.

ALROSA also has a permanent commission on material and sponsorship assistance, within the framework of which assistance is provided to employees, third-party organizations and individuals by decision of the commission.