“Thank you!” - ALROSA employees heard this phrase more than once last week. Words of gratitude addressed to them sounded from large families and families in need of support. The past week among the Company's employees was held under the auspices of good. The first to join the volunteer action were young specialists from the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division. They helped the little Aikhal people get ready for school.

“For the second year, volunteers from the Hot Hearts volunteer group at the Young Specialists Association of the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division have been holding a campaign “Get your child ready for school.” In a few days we managed to collect more than 20 wonderful school kits. Presents have everything you need. These are school packs - notebooks, albums, pencils, covers, briefcases, everything that students need. One of the volunteers, Roman Proskurin, an employee of the Komsomolsky quarry, provided educational games and simulators for body-conditioning. This year, residents of Aikhal town also joined our campaign,” said Ksenia Malikova, head and coordinator of the Hot Hearts group at the Young Specialists Association of the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division.

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Workers of the Vilyui Geological Exploration Expedition and the Yakutniproalmaz Institute of ALROSA also joined the charity marathon. They collected things and stationery for several large families. The families of Mirny and the village of Dikimdya of the Nyurba ulus will receive a parcel of good from them. Help to the needy was provided by the team of the Yakutsk diamond trading company. Employees of the enterprise took part in the social project “Choroon of Goodness.”

“All our specialists are kind and helpful people. Several times a year we organize the collection of products, clothes, stationery for the shelf of good, which has been functioning here for the third year. This year, aid in the form of a collected parcel was sent to the village of Khatassy. Any person who is experiencing hardship and needs support can come up and take what he needs from the shelf for free,” commented on the chairman of the Young Specialists Association of the Yakutsk diamond trading company Karl Parnyakov.

The school enfranchises. The future depends on what kind of higher education children will go into. What kind of people they will become, which way they will choose. But education depends not only on teachers and the curriculum, but also on the conditions under which the child will learn. It’s hard to concentrate on lessons in a classroom with creaky chairs, a cranky desk and cracked walls. It is difficult to gain knowledge of new technologies in a classroom where there are no computers and other modern technology. Therefore, every year ALROSA provides sponsorship to schools in Yakutia - it repairs buildings and premises, purchases new furniture, appliances and educational materials. So, in 2016, educational institutions of one Nyurba district were allocated 1,513,000 rubles. In 2017, ALROSA allocated 220 million rubles to schools of the Mirny district and institutions of secondary specialized and higher education in Mirny.