North-Eastern Federal University is conducting a research expedition to Australia as part of the project “The publicistic heritage of the Yakut intelligentsia,” the university’s press service said.

The organizers are the journalism department of the philological faculty of NEFU together with the “Writers of Yakutia” Association and the “Ilin” journal with the support of the administration of the head and government of the republic.

The purpose of the expedition is to collect and study materials of the publicist Asklipiodot Ryazansky, who lived in the Australian city of Brisbane.

“In the city of Gold Coast, meetings were held with Irena Keltsa, wife of Evgeny Ryazansky, the youngest son of Asklipiodot Ryazansky. Based on the results of the meeting, she handed us all the documents and photographs of the publicist she had, including those concerning his son. Relatives of Ryazansky from the Amga ulus gave her a video message and memorable gifts. During a conversation with Irena, we found out the details of the biography of the Ryazansky family: Evgeny Ryazansky participated in the design and construction of many high-rise buildings, in his spare time he painted," Oleg Sidorov, acting head of the journalism department of the philological faculty of NEFU, spoke about the expedition.

The expedition members visited the Brisbane State Library, where they clarified the names of articles by the publicist. A document was found in the Australian State Archives on the arrival of Ryazansky in Brisbane, meetings were held with representatives of the Russian community, and work is planned in the archive of Russian emigration.

“On September 1, we visited the Brisbane Cemetery and paid tribute to Asklipiodot and Elizabeth Ryazansky, as well as their son Evgeny. This event is significant in that up to this point the place of the burial place of the Ryazanskys and the date of their life were not known. Asklipiodot Ryazansky passed away after a serious illness at the age of 71 in 1968. Living as an emigrant, he showed his talents in various fields, including in areas such as journalism, publicistic writing, political science, entrepreneurship. In total, he published about 350 articles in various editions of China, USA, Australia in English,” said Oleg Sidorov.