Nowadays a lot of people lose their jobs every day: someone is made redundant, someone is dismissed by bosses, and some quit job on their own free will. At the same time, not all of them succeed as freelance workers.

According to psychologists, unemployment is a difficult thing, especially for the stronger sex. After all, men consider themselves to be breadwinners responsible for their families. Unfortunately, a sense of their own worthlessness sooner or later urges unemployed citizens to destruction, alcoholism. But healthy men are the basis of a healthy generation. How to keep our kindred?

Right, to give men the right solution to the problem, to give real-life examples in which local personnel, along with specialists from other regions of Russia, realize themselves in major companies in Yakutia, in this case, in the ALROSA diamond-mining company.


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Meet my first interlocutor - Nyurgustan Kulichkin. A 47-year-old man comes from the village of Tyungyulyu, Megino-Kangalass district. He lives with his family in the village of Namtsy, Nam ulus (district). They have three children. Since January 2014, he has been working as a SCANIA truck driver on a rotational basis (28 days) at the Udachny Mining and Processing Division.

- I served in the army in the Chita region, where I also improved my qualification as a driver. In 1992, I returned from the army, and worked as a driver for a timber truck in Namtsy, worked as a freighter for long distance transport. Today I have my own SCANIA. I would continue to work next to my family, but there is no stable income in the village. I was more or less busy in the winter, then I had to do something to feed my family. So the thought came to get a job at ALROSA. One day, my brother who lives in Udachny and works as an electrician in ALROSA told about the vacancy of the truck driver. I immediately packed and left for Udachny. It is good that I learned about the vacancy in time, if I were 10 days late, they would have taken another one. I got a physical, passed the safety exam. I had never worked in such an industry before, of course I doubted myself, but I was selected and taken to work. Now I think that I did the right thing: the salary is stable, for the drivers of heavy trucks the salary depends on work experience and driving class. Across Yakutia, I believe that drivers are nowhere paid more than in ALROSA.

People from different regions of the country gather for shift work: there are many workers from Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, and Tula. The ratio of newcomers to local personnel is around 40/60 (while locals are less than people from the mainland).

Just "good looks" is not enough for working at the Company. There are always enough personnel and those willing to work at ALROSA ...

Drivers are generally unpretentious people, accustomed to hiking conditions, but for them the working atmosphere in the team plays a big role, and, of course, the fair attitude of the management towards the employees. So with the example of Kulichkin, people who want to find a job at ALROSA can “try on” - whether they can work in the diamond industry or not, whether their qualifications comply with requirements or whether they need more experience.

If you could not get a job from the first time, it may happen next time ...


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My next interlocutor is Egor Egorov. He is 39. Married, two children. He comes from the village of Usun-Kyuel, Suntar ulus. He finished Suntar Technology College, with a degree in ‘Car service technician; Installation and operation of equipment and gas supply systems.’ He works at the Udachny repair and specialized workshop as a mechanic for car repairs.

His story is somewhat different from the previous one.

- In the village I earned very little, worked as a taxi driver. I wanted to get a job at ALROSA. I must say, I qualified for this job. Initially I wanted to get a shift work at Upper Muna, the new field of the Company. I sent my CV. Then I went through a one-month internship at the Udachny Mining and Processing Division, after that they promised to call me back, but they did not do it. And in January, I decided to come from my hometown to Udachny myself. In Muna, there were no vacancies in my profile; as a result, I worked in Udachny for 5 months. I visited the personnel department several times a month to ask about vacancies, probably, I irritated them by my sticktoitiveness (laughs). I was interested in shift work, because I do not want to be away from my family for a long time.

Of course, when they finally took me to work at Muna, my family breathed a sigh of relief - he got his way after all ... Now every 28 days I go on vacation.

My wishes for those who want to work at ALROSA are always to achieve their goals, to do all their best to get a highly paid job.

by Viktoria STAS’