The head of the Moscow bureau of the Washington Post newspaper, Anton Troianovski, visited Upper Kolyma. The journalist and traveler comes to Yakutia for the second time. According to the correspondent of the Kolyma News newspaper, Aitalina Yakovleva, the main purpose of the trip for the journalist is climate change.

“We decided to take several spots on Earth, where the climate change is already quite pronounced, for example: the islands of the Pacific Ocean, there are such places in America as well. And now we want to write about Yakutia. With a photographer, we are doing material about how climate change impacts people's lives and the environment from an environmental point of view,” Anton Troianovski said.

In addition, the journalist has taken an interest in the Yukagir settlement of Nelemnoye and the museum exhibits in Zyryanka related to shipping on the Kolyma River and the history of the GULAG.