ALROSA supported the expedition of the Medved’ (Bear) Car Club to the largest meteorite crater in the world. The Medved’ Off-Road Car Club has been existing in the Mirny district for over 10 years, which holds motor sport competitions. The club is focused on the development of car tourism. Over the years, the club has conducted many expeditions to remote areas of Yakutia. The expedition to the Popigai crater is the Medved's latest motor rally at the moment, and the joint work with the ALROSA Scientific Research Geological Prospecting Enterprise has elevated it to the rank of academic.

Initially, the idea of car races was conceived in the format of club travels, but the ideological inspirer of the club E.E. Syromyatnikov gave a different sense, and now it has more of a research work.

One of the best projects of the Car Club, Abandoned Corners of Yakutia, is aimed at exploring historical sites associated with the diamond epic of Yakutia, timed to coincide with historical moments and fateful dates, as well as in honor of famous people and great discoverers. As part of this project, a motor expedition to the Popigai crater took place at the end of March. This expedition was supported by the Russian Geographical Society and the Mirny Institute of Geology under the ALROSA Scientific Research Geological Prospecting Enterprise, which gave it a special status.

“In March of this year, within the framework of the project Abandoned Corners of Yakutia, we had our annual rally ‘From Crater To Crater: Star Wound, Or Where Diamonds Live.’ Our team of 12 people, together with employees of the research geological enterprise, by four absolutely unprepared off-road vehicles, has taken the seventh automobile race. Their goal was to reach the Popigai crater with 100 km diameter in Anabar ulus. We dedicated this race to the 55th anniversary of the discovery of Mayata, Ebilyakh and the entire Anabar district with its diamondiferous placer deposits. Our route Mirny - Udachny - Olenek - Zhilinda – Ebelyakh was 2890 km long. Along the way, we try to photograph the unique places and riches of Yakutia, pay tribute to the memory of famous discoverer geologists, significant dates of the diamond epic, where people, of course, occupy the main place. So, this year we took part in the annual holiday - Reindeer Breeder’s Day, which was held on March 22 in the village of Olenek. ALROSA provided us with great support, having allocated more than 400 thousand rubles, we were also supported by the leading Russian manufacturer of clothing and equipment for extreme sports and outdoor activities – RedFox. It was our largest project in recent years," commented the president of the public organization for off-road sports, Medved’ Car Club, Aleksey Knysh.

For 6 years, the project Abandoned Corners of Yakutia from ordinary rally races grew to research expeditions. Over the years, members of the Medved' Car Club covered more than 10 thousand km from the East of Siberia to the Arctic. Thanks to such work, this year the public organization became a member of the Russian Geographical Society as the Mirny branch.

The expedition's goal was the Popigai crater, the second largest meteorite crater on Earth, located on the Popigai River in the north of the Anabar Plateau.

Another name is Popigai Star Wound. A crater with a diameter of about 100 km and a depth of 200 m was formed 35.7 million years ago after the fall of the asteroid, which formed a giant crater.