Minister of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Tourism of Yakutia, Irina Vysokikh, held a working meeting with the Turkish delegation, the press service of the Ministry reports.

The Turkish delegation, comprising the president of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Turkey and Yakutia, Omer Mahmudoglu, his adviser Mehmet Delen and businessman Ilyas Kirish, is in Yakutia these days.

The Association of Entrepreneurs of Turkey and Yakutia was established at the beginning of this year in Antalya at the initiative of Omer Mahmudoglu. The members of the association are the leaders and owners of major travel companies, businessmen. The office is located in Antalya.

The parties discussed the possibility of cooperation between Yakut and Turkish entrepreneurs in the field of tourism.

During the meeting, Omer Mahmudoglu told Irina Vysokikh about the projects and initiatives of the Turkish side. As a result of lengthy negotiations held by the Association of Entrepreneurs of Turkey and Yakutia, the Turkish charity organization TIKA (Turk Ishirligi Kalkinma Ajansi) decided to donate medical equipment worth $ 2.5 million to our republic.

“Now the certification process is underway. In addition, TIKA decided to build a kindergarten in Yakutsk at its own expense,” the press service noted.

The Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Prosperity (TIKA) was founded in 1992 to strengthen cooperation with countries with which Turkey has historical and cultural ties.

Omer Mahmudoglu also said that the Association of Entrepreneurs of Turkey and Yakutia achieved that the Board of Directors of Turkish Airlines at its next meeting in September of this year, will consider the issue of organizing Yakutsk - Antalya regular flights.

Omer Mahmudoglu is confident that the Board of Directors will make a positive decision.

In addition, the Besiktas Turkish football club is ready to create its branch in Yakutia and send professional coaches, the report said.

The Turkish guests also decided to take up the promotion of Yakut music on Turkish television and radio channels. Active work is already underway to highlight Yakutia on the Internet sites of Turkey.

The Turkish side plans to make a film about Yakutia and show it on popular YouTube channels. Irina Vysokikh offered organizing Yakut films screenings in Turkish cinemas.

Omer Mahmudoglu supported the idea of the minister and urged to begin work on translating the Yakut films into Turkish.

He also shared the immediate plans of the association. They plan to hold a presentation of Turkish cuisine in Yakutsk, also to build a square of Yakutia in Kemer, the press service notes.