Yakutia24 continues to talk about the Local Personnel in Industry program and people who are already working in ALROSA

My collegemates often ask me about working at ALROSA



Smart people say clever words - if you want to get an elephant, ask for a dog. Not a lot of time has passed, but today these guys have all the prospects for promotion at work.

Artem Nikolaev from the village of Antonovka, Nyurba district, and Alexander Lavrentiev from the city of Yakutsk, aimed small, looking for a job in ALROSA which the ambitious, but unemployed, residents of the republic would not even try.

Artem Nikolaev graduated from the Nyurba College in 2016 with a degree in Underground Mining of Mineral Deposits. During training, he spent three years of on-the-job training at the Aikhal underground mine site, as well as at the Udachny Mining and Processing Division.

“I am a kind of a pioneer in ALROSA. None of my family worked in ALROSA. After graduating from the secondary vocational school, I had the opportunity to find a job in my native land, but decided to try myself in a diamond mining company. And, of course, the salary rate played its role - I have two children, a son and a daughter.

At first, I was employed by the Plant No. 14 as a pumping unit driver on a temporary basis. Then I lived in a rented room. Six months later, I was hired as a laborer at the survey work of the Aikhal mine on an ongoing basis. I help to install devices, I set the direction of workings and so on. Half a day we are underground and the same time - on the surface. I have only the second grade so far, so I would like to improve my education. But now I have precisely decided that I will continue to work at ALROSA. Working conditions are normal, salary is normal. Now I think to move my family to Aikhal: I submitted an application to the trade union committee of the company so that they would Include my children on the waiting list for the kindergarten and help with housing. If there is free housing, I think everything will be fine,” says Artem Nikolaev.

According to Artem, many of his college mates are interested in working at ALROSA:“But, apparently, they still cannot brace themselves up ...”

The main thing - the ability and willingness of the person


Unlike Artem, the city dweller Alexander Lavrentiev has higher technical education. The young man graduated from the NEFU Mining Faculty with a degree in Underground Mining of Mineral Deposits. However, when he joined the Company, he also had no special illusions about the “initial start.”

“I got a job in January 2017. Prior to that, I had an on-the-job training at the Aikhal mine. At first, I was hired as a for the mining and tunneling section of the mine. My functions included fastening the excavated mine workings, re-consolidation of mine workplaces with damaged lining.

Of course, my work can hardly be called an emergency prevention, since support erection is the main and constant production process at the mine. The support may be damaged by rock pressure or by self-propelled machinery. Then in June 2017 I replaced the mine foreman when he was on vacation. And just at that time I was transferred to another service - they appointed me as a shaft timberman in dust and ventilation unit. My duties have become, so to speak, more varied. Here it is necessary to monitor the ventilation at the mine, the means of fire protection, and so on,” says Alexander with enthusiasm.

In the middle of 2018 he was transferred to the post of mining master on a permanent basis. Naturally, salaries and powers changed.

Work in an underground mine, of course, has harm, which employees are compensated in the form of wage increases, additional vacation days, coupons for dairy food. Those who are members of the trade union are provided with discounts for vouchers to various resorts.

“If a person has an appropriate higher education, of course, there are more chances to advance to the master of mining. But with a secondary special education, taking into account the work experience, people can also be appointed foremen. I cannot say how often this happens, because I have been working in the Company for only two years."

“There are no women at the underground mine, as the work is specific, only men can do it,” he said.

According to Alexander, in ALROSA, the degree of stress depends on the specialty of the employee, “some work requires physical effort, another requires assiduity, but everywhere the role is played by the ability and willingness of the person.”

“I think that one can get a job in the Company and, having received an average working specialty, later one can study at the university by correspondence,” he concluded.


These are real people with real views of life. Listening to them, I want to believe that the infantile, "greenhouse" youth in our society is becoming less ... And in some ways thanks to ALROSA, where young Yakutian people grow up and get the opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

By Viktoria STAS’