The diamond giant will direct almost 300 million rubles through the Fund of Future Generations to build another social facility in Yakutia

In addition to tax revenues to the budget of the republic, there are a lot of programs aimed at improving the lives of local people. Culture and sports programs are in the focus zone. According to the Corporate Responsibility Leaders rating, ALROSA ranks second in Russia in terms of social investment.

Today, with the financial support of ALROSA, projects for the construction of social facilities are being actively implemented. One of the facilities is a cultural and sports complex in the village of Zyryanka. Facility financing was resumed in 2017. The construction of a social facility in the center of the Verkhnekolymsky district was entrusted to the Trust Fund of Future Generations, which included the construction of the facility in the Assistance subprogram of its strategic plan. The Trust Fund of Future Generations has been financing the construction of socially important facilities for many years, the main donor of which is ALROSA.

ALROSA Deputy Director General Aleksey Dyachkovsky:

“It will be both a cultural and a sports facility that is of great importance for the district, the only one in Zyryanka that meets all modern requirements. The new building will serve as an excellent impetus for the development of culture and sports in the area. And, most importantly, now the residents of the village will be able not only to go to the competitions themselves, but also to hold them in their village, receive guests, there will be a platform for holding arts events and sports games.”

Zyryanka is a major stronghold of the river fleet in Kolyma, has to have managed so far without a specialized cultural and sports complex. Kolyma old-timers remember how beautiful the cultural center was in Zyryanka during the Soviet years - reminiscent of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. The dilapidated building had to be demolished, and since then the issues of holding cultural or sporting events have been aches and pains for the local administration, which for many years has been seeking the construction of a cultural and sports complex. The building of the Youth Sports School is no longer functioning, but the district administration has done everything possible to preserve the coaching staff. The new complex will breathe new life into the cultural life of the district.

All celebrations are held in the former building of the district Communist Party committee - in a small auditorium with poor acoustics. The same situation has arisen with sports events: because of the accident rate of the building, the specialists of the Healthy Lifestyle Center are forced to hold competitions in the gym of the secondary school.

The cultural and sports complex in Zyryanka village will contain three blocks - a sports block with stands for 214 seats, with changing rooms and showers, a gym, a cultural center with an auditorium for 212 seats, choreographic hall, film projection room, library and book depository. There will be a transitional block with administrative premises. The total area of the building is 2,000 square meters; the estimated cost is 278 million rubles.

According to the builders, the facility will be commissioned as scheduled - in November of the current year.

Zyryanka residents are eagerly awaiting the opening of the cultural and sports complex. The village has its famous young athletes. However, the older generation also does not mind keeping themselves in good physical shape, the new facility will certainly contribute to this. The creative and artistic part of Zyryanka residents is anxiously awaiting the launch of a theater block and a cinema hall.