The main purpose of the Heirs to Traditions International Children and Youth Fest Forum of Indigenous Languages held in Yakutsk is the revival of the principles of ethno-pedagogy, preservation of indigenous languages and cultures.

June 25 - July 3 Yakutsk is hosting the Heirs to Traditions International Children and Youth Fest Forum of Indigenous Languages.

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According to Pavel Sivtsev, one of the coordinators of the event, the festival gathered more than 280 children, 30 leaders, 31 masters of folk art from 11 Arctic regions of Yakutia.

The festival is held in three blocks: educational, creative and sports.

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Akulina Traize, honored worker of culture of the republic, the head of the Härmu hyadyen club at the Museum of Music and Folklore of the Peoples of Yakutia: “I come from the Even kin of khuhi, which means the Swan's kin. Up to 57 years old, I lived in Oyootung near Olenegorsk. This is the tundra of Allaikha. I was a reindeer herder, a chum-keeper. I sew national costumes of Evens made of rovduga, fur, bead jewelry. I use mostly white, blue and black beads. I have seen these colors since childhood: Oyootung was surrounded by mountains, in winter they were blue, snow-white tundra extended and bushes around the lake blackened at the foot of the mountains. I sew for grandchildren, friends, and relatives. I like to sing Even songs, I compose them myself, I know many folk tales and legends. They help to understand that the most valuable among our people is their native land. Based on the tales told by me, three cartoons were produced in Even and English.”

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Aksinya Efimova, a representative of the Chubukulaakh community of the Srednekolymsky ulus, with her granddaughter Aita Ollonova, make folk crafts from beads, rovduga, bone and fur: “Our family genus Donret’kyn recorded in written sources in the XVII century. We have kept the traditional sewing, traditions, customs and language of our ancestors. When sewing, we use rovduga that I make myself. Everything is handmade. We use thread from the tendons of a reindeer, and never use sequins and braid. We have patterns in the form of triangles, argyle, spiders, eyes, sun, which have their own symbolism. I teach children and grandchildren everything that I can do myself. My children and grandchildren speak their own language."