The village of Verkhnevilyuisk hosted the 2nd stage of the Language of Ancestors children's contest, founded by ALROSA. The competition is dedicated to the celebration of the International Year of Indigenous Languages in 2019 in the Russian Federation, proclaimed by the United Nations.

About 80 children took part in the competition, showing more than 15 performances - dances, songs, and recitation.


The performances were both collective and individual, and corresponded to the theme: the ethnic foundations of the original habitat and the traditional way of life of the indigenous peoples of the North.

By tradition, each participant was awarded with a letter of thanks from ALROSA.


“The Language of Ancestors competition of the ALROSA Environmental Center is included in the plan of the main events of the Federal Agency for Nationalities Affairs of the Russian Federation as part of the International Year of Indigenous Languages. On June 21, we summed up the results of the second stage in Verkhnevilyuisk, in which about 80 children from all over the ulus (district) took part. Together with other members of the competition commission, we watched performances with dances, songs, playing musical instruments, and recitation.



Geographically, our republic is large, with many remote and inaccessible settlements, so we also receive videotapes of performances. We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to participate in such a competition. And this year, within the International Year of Indigenous Languages, we are holding this competition for the first time, in a pilot version. Perhaps this competition will be held annually, because the announced year will go by, and the mission entrusted to all of us will remain," commented the head of the department for the protection of natural areas and work with the indigenous peoples of the North of the ALROSA Environmental Center, Konstantin Soloviev.