In the village of Betyuntsy, the construction of a multifunctional gym for adaptive sports is coming to an end. In the development of sports infrastructure, the village is actively assisted by ALROSA, which, through the non-profit organization Trust Fund for Future Generations of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), allocated 130 million rubles for the construction of the facility. This is another moment when ALROSA does not stand aside and takes an active part in the life of the republic.

This is a strategically important facility for future Games of the Peoples of Yakutia. In March of this year it was visited by the head of the republic Aisen Nikolaev. He checked the construction of the gym for adaptive sports and a new school building for 220 seats.

“Preparation should go well and smoothly. All planned sports facilities must be completed and commissioned, and all preparation and organization activities for the Games must be performed at a high level,” the head of Yakutia noted the importance of facilities.


Betyuntsy will host the Games of the Peoples of Yakutia in the sports complex, which is the first in the republic for adaptive sports. Betyuntsy was not chosen by chance for the construction of such a center. There is a rehabilitation center for disabled people nearby. And the villagers will get a modern sports cluster that will help adhere to a healthy lifestyle and become a “magnet” for children and local youth.

“A modern gym is a gift not only for athletes, but also for all residents of Betyuntsy and Amga ulus. There is a dynamic development, facilities are being built, and in Betyuntsy, in addition, a new school will be built. It is actively planned to develop adaptive sports and implement social projects for young families. We hope that a huge number of athletes, good people, patriots of our republic with a strong character will be brought up here," Deputy Director General of ALROSA Aleksey Dyachkovsky said.


The construction season for the facility began in February of this year and is now in full swing. Commissioning of the multifunctional gym for adaptive sports is scheduled for the opening of the Games. The construction of five facilities in Amga ulus is planned - 3000-seat stadium with a track-and-field arena and two sports halls, the multipurpose gym for adaptive sports. Another sports hall will be built in the village of Chypchylgan.

New gym, New school

Ivan Petrov, Chief Specialist, Production Department, Investment and Construction Firm 'Directorate for Construction,' spoke about the construction progress:

“We are customers and under the agency agreement we represent the Fund for Future Generations. Under the contract, the official date of the facility commissioning is scheduled for July 25, readiness is expected a little earlier. Everything is designed for people with limited mobility. There is a workout facility, a drill hall for wrestling, you can play volleyball, basketball. 1,407 square meters. The locals are very happy - they had neither a gym, nor a school.”


Gym is a long-time dream

The villagers themselves respond with joy: “Finally they are building. This is important, we thank the management of the ALROSA Company for their attention. Such support gives us the opportunity to hold high-level Sports Games, which in turn will help attract the attention of young people to playing sports.”

The gym is a long-time dream of the inhabitants of Betyuntsy. People have been waiting for it for many years, many no longer believed that a modern gym would appear in the village someday. In the future, competitions at the Republican and All-Russian level can be held in this sports complex, including adaptive sports competitions. And this, without the help of ALROSA, would have been impossible.


In Amgа ulus, preparations are underway for the 7th Sports Game of the Peoples of Yakutia, to be held July 3 - 8 this year. The 7th Sports Games of the Peoples of Yakutia were to be held in 2018, but due to the devastating flood they were postponed to July 2019. Three villages will be involved in a large-scale event - Amga, Betyuntsy and Chapchylgan. 35 districts of Yakutia will take part in the Games, more than 6 thousand athletes and guests are expected to attend.

Dmitry Mikhailov