For a number of years ALROSA, as co-financing, has been providing health resort vouchers of the Orlyonok Children's Center in order to support large and low-income families, as well as parents with disabilities, under the Mirny Child Friendly District program.

Each year, the program allocates 40 vouchers for children from such families. The cost of one voucher for a three-week season is about 50 thousand rubles. In the first season, 15 children will rest in the Orlyonok Center (two from Udachny, four from Aikhal, two from Chernyshevsky, the rest from Mirny), another 15 children will go to the Center in the second season and ten - in the third.

On June 17, the vouchers have already been given to the families of Mirny. Some of the children will go to Orlyonok for the first time, others have already been there, but they all are looking forward to June 20, when the first season begins.