There are real labor families that pass their professionalism and a serious attitude towards the profession from generation to generation as a legacy

The family labor dynasty is the pride of any industry, because after parents, their children join the company, generations succeed one another at the workplace. There are families whose members adhere to one profession for more than one decade.

Family, children, home have always been and remain the most important and significant in the life of every person. Family is the space where the attitude towards work and professional activity is formed. If parents treat work as a significant part of their own lives, then a child from early childhood learns that satisfaction with life is directly related to work. Labor dynasties are a tower of strength to any enterprise.

The Bodnarchuk family, and its relatives have been working in industry for four generations. Viktoria Bodnarchuk told a story of her family:

I have been working for ALROSA since 1998. It all started with the fact that our family worked at the mine in Sangar. My husband and I are mining engineers, so we both worked at the mine.

(The Sangarskaya mine - a coal mining enterprise in the village of Sangar of the Kobyai district. On August 1, 1998, the Sangarskaya mine was closed - Editor's note).

It was a time when they were closing the mine, and I went on a business trip. The ‘Inter’ mine was just starting to be built. We had a lot of miners who did not know where to find a job. And I went on a business trip, I worked then as the head of the training center, and agreed with the head of the ‘Inter’ mine under construction, Konstantin Plokhan'. I talked with him, because just then they were recruiting people to the mine. It was agreed that they would employ our miners as well.

In search of the ‘Inter’ mine, I accidentally entered the Mirny Mining and Processing Plant. Then Sergey Kirov worked as HR Manager. He learned that I was a Mining Engineer-Teacher by education, and this was an extremely rare specialty. That's how I got a job as a methodologist at the training center. My husband came to work at Inter as a mine foreman. In 1998, we began work in Mirny. All of our big and close-knit family gradually moved here, because the mine in Sangar ceased to exist.

Tell us a little about your work. How did your work activity begin in Mirny?

- My husband, Nikolai Bodnarchuk, came here and started to work as a mine foreman at the Mirny specialized mine-construction unit. He has been working at one place for 21 years since 1998. And I, as I got a job at the training center, still work at the same place. Now I am the deputy head of the training center. My husband for this time received two state awards - Miner's Glory, and I have Labor Glory.

It is all clear with my husband - he is a miner, he mines ore, where diamonds come from. This is the work on which our company ALROSA is based. I am engaged in training. This is a specific division that trains all the personnel of the Company. Starting from workers who receive professions, permits for work, and ending with engineering and technical employees.

It turns out that my husband produces diamonds, and we teach those who mine them.

Did your parents work in this industry?

- My father, Viktor Semyonovich, was a miner, but after the move did not get a job due to age. He is a pensioner and a veteran of the industry, awarded the Miner's Glory badge of honor. He began to work at the Donets coalfields, then went to the North, and all those years he worked in the Sangarskaya mine.

And my mother, Valentina Sergeyevna, worked in Sangar as the head of the Mine Construction Department, in Mirny she got a job as an inspector of Rostekhnadzor for construction. She is a holder of three degrees of Labor Glory.

Here she worked for 10 years. She is already retired, but she teaches at our training center as a freelance teacher. That is, she is still connected with the Company.

Viktoria with parents

Viktoria and her parents

How about your children? Has your family dynasty been extended?

- Our daughter Valeria extended the dynasty of her parents and grandparents. She graduated from St. Petersburg Mining University. She was the only girl at the entire faculty who studied to be a mining engineer for underground operations. She did an internship at the Mirny Mining and Processing Plant, after the university she was first employed by the Nyurba Mining and Processing Plant. Then we took her to the training center, because she has technical background, and is a trained mining engineer. We value such specialists. She has been working for two years as a leading engineer at the training department for managers and professionals. If I am more involved in the training of workers, then she is more engaged in the training of managers and specialists.

So you have an industrial family …

- Yes, our family is a family of miners. My brother was a miner, but he died three years ago. And my son-in-law, Dmitry Sergeyevich, works at ALROSA-Spetsburenie (Special Drilling) as a power engineer. My sister Tatiana Sergeyevna works in the department of industrial safety. She is also an engineer. Her husband, Dmitry Aleksandrovich, is deputy director at the training center.

Can you say that you were influenced by your father’s example?

- Of course. In addition, I grew up in the Donbas. This is a mining region, I was taken away from there as a schoolgirl, I finished the ninth grade in Yakutia. Sangar is a mining settlement. Our grandfather was a miner, and sister's father was also a miner. We have neither sellers nor accountants in the family.

Today, their big working dynasty continues to work in the diamond company in good faith. This once again speaks about the continuity of generations and devotion to one and only enterprise - ALROSA.

Probably, this is as it should be. Parents should be always proud of their children, giving them the best family traditions.