Successful implementation of industrial projects depends largely on the quality of manning

The personnel potential of the Company creates the basis for the implementation of both innovative solutions and simple fix, practices in daily work, setting a further vector for further development. The Company cannot develop in a gap from the degree of purposeful efforts in the personnel sphere, the training of personnel for getting the necessary qualifications, the use of the best experience. And a talent pipeline for ALROSA is the Mirny Regional Technical College (MRTC); its students meet international standards for professional training and qualification of WorldSkills Russia. In practice, MRTC has proved its competence in training specialists of the highest level for the leader in the extraction of natural diamonds - the ALROSA Company.

MRTC and WorldSkills


Currently, 1,400 students study at the college, including the Aikhal and Udachny branches. The Mirny College, like the whole of Yakutia, was one of the first to join the championship. It is known that the mission of WorldSkills is to draw attention to vocational professions and create conditions for the development of high professional standards. The main activity of WorldSkills is the organization and holding of professional competitions of various levels for people of different ages.

For the seventh year in a row, MRTC has been successfully participating in the international movement. The management and staff of the college clearly understand the importance of participation in the championships of vocational professions for their industrial partners. Due to the modern equipment of laboratories and workshops, good material and technical resources, since 2015, the Mirny College is not only an organizational platform for holding the WSR Regional Championship in Welding Technologies, Wiring and Industrial Automation, but also participates in other competencies: Pre-School Education, Entrepreneurship, Reverse Engineering, Network and System Administration, where the main achievements are student victories.

Future experts trained at MRTC increase the glory of the republic by successfully participating in WorldSkills Russia professional skill contests. So, one of the latest achievements - the participation of a graduate of 2018, Pavel Kaleniuk in the national WorldSkills championship in the competence of Electricity, brought another victorious first place to the college achievements. Pavel is a participant of the 6th Moscow Open Championship of the city of Moscow, Moscow Masters, according to the standards of WorldSkills Russia (2017), winner of the first place in the 6th Open Regional Championship Young Professionals (WorldSkills Russia) of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in 2018. Participant of the qualifying championship for the finals of the 2018 National Championship in the Moscow region. This year, the Mirny Regional Technical College hosted the 7th Open Regional Professional Skills Championship Young Professionals (Worldskills Russia) of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - 2019, in which MRTC students have won.

“Compared to last year, assignments in the competence of Wiring are much more complicated. The professional growth of participants is noticeable. The assignment has three stages. The first module is the installation of a switchboard, cable-carrying lighting systems. The second module is the search for faults that were previously brought by experts to a rather complicated electrical installation. The third module is the programming of two logical relays. Only those participants who have managed to complete the installation are allowed to the last module.

In general, it is noticeable that the WSR movement has increased the level of students' training, as there is a great opportunity to track global news and trends in electrical installation. Accordingly, students of secondary vocational education who are at the moment graduating can confidently use the most up-to-date knowledge, skills and equipment in their future professional activity, which undoubtedly contributes to the development of industry and Russia's socio-economic well-being,” said the chief expert in the competence of Wiring, industrial education master of the state autonomous professional educational institution of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 'South Yakutia College of Technology,' Alexander Bisik.

But Wiring is not the only WorldSkills competence that the MRTC students excelled at. Industrial Automation, Reverse Engineering, Reverse Engineering of Structures, Products, Mechanisms, Network Administration, Welding Production. Welding is a key process that is controlled by both national and international standards and specifications governing the quality of materials and the qualification of the welder. The welder must be able to interpret engineering drawings, standards and symbols and correctly apply these requirements in practical work.



“For 45 years the Mirny College has been training highly qualified specialists for the diamond enterprise, whose skills are evidenced by victories in various specialized competitions. And the Company, in turn, allocates funds not only to improve the material and technical resources, but also directly participates in the preparation of its future specialists. So, over the years, there is a mutually beneficial cooperation between the College and the Company, when potential employees are identified in their student years. And based on the specific needs of the Company in these or other specialists, a student enrollment quota is formed annually, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic, which is the basis of public-private partnership,” says College Director Vladimir Berezovoy.

Strengthening the material and technical resources of the College also takes place with the direct participation of the enterprise. The Company annually allocates considerable funds, for the purchase of modern equipment for workshops and laboratories. Its employees are also involved in the installation and commissioning of equipment. And this is not just sponsorship. It is an investment in potential employees who are already familiar with the equipment, which they are to work with in the future. In addition to students, on the basis of the College, there are courses of advanced training and re-qualification for workers, professional skills competitions for young ALROSA specialists.

For many years, a mutual professional relationship has developed between the educational institution and the potential employer when ALROSA employees teach students special educational disciplines, act as academic supervisors of term papers and diploma projects, as well as members of graduation commissions. According to the College management, almost 80% of graduates are employed by ALROSA. All the secret is in the ability to hire good professionals who do not just teach, but share their experience. So, right from the first year, students have practical training at the Company's enterprises. Thus, students have the opportunity not only to learn more about the future place of work and the employer, but also to meet with the Company's employees, facilities, equipment, rules, and also to learn from experience.

The Mirny Regional Technical College can provide training of highly qualified specialists for the diamond-mining industry, not only thanks to experienced craftsmen and mentors, elaborated training system, but also excellent material and technical resources. Development of professional competencies, enhancing the prestige of highly qualified personnel, demonstrating the importance of competencies for economic growth and personal success - the main mission of the Mirny Regional Technical College for the industrial leaders of Yakutia. And this is thanks to joint efforts and the direct support of ALROSA.