The Profalmaz team of ALROSA will take part in the final stage of the 4th Spartakiad of workers of Yakutia, to be held in Yakutsk June 6 - June 9. The event is dedicated to the Year of Consolidation in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

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It should be noted that the selection for the final stage of the Workers' Spartakiad has been held by industry-specific trade union organizations since last year. In total, about 30 thousand workers took part in the qualifying competitions. Another feature of the upcoming Games - the competition for medals will be held not between districts and individual clubs, but industries. This means it will be very, very interesting, representatives of various fields will enter the sports arenas: aviators, doctors, teachers, scientists, miners, entertainers, communications workers, geologists and others. And the competitions will be held in the 50 Years of Victory Palace of Sports, in the Samorodok swimming pool, the Dokhsun and Modun Sport Complexes, the Republican Chess & Checkers Center, the Blitz computer club and the Tuymaada Stadium.

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The determination of the winners and prize winners in the team event will be in two groups - among sectoral trade unions with fewer than 5,000 members and over 5,000 people. Athletes from ALROSA will fight for victory in the second group.

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Sportsmen of ALROSA are set to win!

The closing of the 11th ALROSA Games took place on May 26. The Games were held in several stages - first, the Company's employees identified the strongest at the Company's production sites in Mirny, Aikhal, Udachny and Lensk. Then the teams met in Mirny.

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Today, on June 5, the ALROSA team arrived in Yakutsk for the 4th Wrkers’ Spartakiad of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

"Our athletes will take part in sports such as arm wrestling, volleyball (men and women), weight-lifting, athletics, table tennis, tug-of-war, swimming, sports family competitions, 3x3 basketball (men and women), chess, checkers, futsal, fitness aerobics, computer sports. On June 6, the ceremonial opening of the Games will take place, and from June 7 to June 9 - the competition program, in which about 100 athletes will defend the honor of ALROSA. Our mood is combative, we are aimed at winning in all kinds of sports, that is, defending the title of the previous Games,” said the deputy chairman of the Profalmaz Trade Union Konstantin Degtyarev.

According to the results of the republican competitions, the best athletes in the national team of Yakutia will perform at the All-Russian Spartakiad.

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ALROSA Profalmaz - winner of 3rd Spartakiad

The Workers’ Spartakiad of Yakutia is held every four years. Exactly four years ago, 13 sports were included in the program of the 3rd Spartakiad of the Yakutia labor collectives, 1,185 athletes took part, representing 18 teams. Thus, the team of the Profalmaz Interregional Trade Union of ALROSA workers took the lead in Group I among sectoral trade unions, with more than 5,000 trade union members. The winners took part in the All-Russian Workers' Games, held in the city of Penza.

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Photo by Dmitry NESTERENKO